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Elvis Presley, Perry Como… Minor Threat? Granny panties, now for hipsters!
08:10 am
Elvis Presley, Perry Como… Minor Threat? Granny panties, now for hipsters!

According to the Internet, 2015 is the year granny panties come back into style.

Whether this is a result of a healthier body-positive society or simply hipster “normcore” irony infiltrating the undergarment market, it’s certainly a clear-cut case of “everything old is new again.”

Here’s a trend we’d really love to see come back: granny panties embroidered with little 45 rpm records—you buy six of them and get a free single!

The music fan in this photo may want to consider using a pair over her greasy mitts, as her record handling skills leave something to be desired.
The 1958 Sears catalog ad features an unbeatable deal: You buy six adorable pairs of embroidered panties, and you get a free record of your choice: Elvis Presley, Eddie Fisher, or Perry Como!

Now, we’re not sure how many underthings Eddie Fisher or Perry Como were moving, but we’re pretty sure Elvis was causing lots and lots of panties to need replacing back in ‘58.
Fast-forward to 2015.

A trip to Etsy reveals that music-themed granny panties are indeed back. Seller “Lynnsrags” offers these Minor Threat drawers:

Nothing says “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t fuck,” quite like a pair of straight-edge granny panties.
No word on whether or not a purchase of six pairs will earn you a free Dischord single, but that would be nice.


The more things change, the more they stay the same.

What musicians do you think logically lend themselves to the granny panty resurgence? Tell us in the comments!

Posted by Christopher Bickel
08:10 am



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