Fizzy Human Bomb: Happy Birthday Danielle Dax
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File this one under “You learn something new every day”:

So I was poking around online, reading some stuff about memorably eccentric avant garde songstress Danielle Dax. It’s her 54th birthday today and I wanted to post a few of her videos here in her honor, considering Dax a criminally underrated, but very worthy musician of the era (I thought she was great back then, more or less from the same school that spawned Nina Hagen, or Lene Lovich, with a hefty dollop of Kate Bush (circa The Dreaming) thrown in for good measure.)

So I’m reading up on Dax, wanting to know what she’s been up to since her retirement from music in 1996 (the compilation album she put out that year sums the situation up pretty succinctly in its title Comatose Non-Reaction: The Thwarted Pop Career of Danielle Dax) and I found out that she’s a successful interior designer—which makes sense—but what I did not know that was significant for me, personally, was that it was Dax who did the album cover illustration for the 1981 Robert Fripp project The League of Gentlemen.

Who cares, right? Well I care, because I used to constantly make doodles based on the devils on that cover—I even incorporated them into my “cool” teenage signature—and that eventually became the “devil girl” logo of my former company, Disinformation. I even mentioned this album cover in the introduction to my Disinformation: The Interviews book, and its significance to me, but I did not know that it was the work of Danielle Dax.

Well, I thought that was kind of interesting, you may not… I think Danielle Dax might find that interesting if she is reading this.

In any case, here’s the low-budget—most-definitely of its era—video for Dax’s “Big Hollow Man”:

The video for the dance-floor hit, “Cathouse”:

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