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Horror-film worthy sculptures of the human body that are just dying to meet you
09:57 am
Horror-film worthy sculptures of the human body that are just dying to meet you

A sculpture by Italian artist Francesco Albano.
The work of Italian artist and sculptor Francesco Albano have been highly praised since he got his start nearly two decades ago. And now Turkish director Cansin Sağesen has made a short film about the artist and his grotesquely beautiful sculptures.

In the short, Albano reveals that his father, who was also a sculptor, taught him his craft and that his work is driven by a “childhood urgency.” Albano considers his art to be a form of creative play—much like it would be for a child experimenting with tactile toys like Play-Doh. His sculptures look as if someone has let the air out of a human body like a balloon—which then transforms them into hideous blobs of gelatinous flesh with protruding bones, teeth, and genitalia.

According to Albano, his work is meant to express the idea of how merely existing in modern society can be physically crippling and often destructive leading to the full-on collapse of the human structure, physically and mentally. Once you get that, you’ll see Albano’s work in an entirely new light as perspective breeds a deeper understanding of such things that at first appear to exist for their shock value alone. That said, the images that follow are very much NSFW.

“On the Eve” 2013.


“Lump 2” 2012.

“One of these Days” 2013.


“Ballerina” 2013.




“Amulet Series-Self Portrait” 2010.




‘C’ 2010.

A brief documentary on artist Francesco Albano.
HT: Beautiful Decay

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