‘I Just Want Some Skank’: They made a punk porno based on Penelope Spheeris’ cult film ‘Suburbia’
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‘I Just Want Some Skank’: They made a punk porno based on Penelope Spheeris’ cult film ‘Suburbia’

Is punk dead? It seems that every few years we have a newer, more embarrassing reason to justify its denouncement. Be it fame, the man, yuppies, or Malcom McLaren’s son burning £5m of memorabilia, punk rock has died many deaths—and it will probably continue dying until the end of mankind. The culprit? The mainstream media and its appropriation and exploitation of the punk subculture and aesthetic. The ideology at its core will hopefully live on. The look/uniform of punk? Why not be a hippie? You’d be being “more different,” right?

The modern porno doesn’t require much creativity. It’s hard to say whether the target audience has much of a preference for creative expression within the conversational narrative. And by that, I’m talking about the various situational anecdotes in which penetration occurs. You know, like the ‘barely legal’ sexy school teacher scenario, the plumber who ‘fixes’ more than just a broken pipe, or the busty MILF who gets it on with her horny step-son. I haven’t seen every adult film, but I would say it probably feels special when there is at least some thought put into explaining how these people found themselves in these most peculiar of situations. Otherwise, why keep it in there at all? Obviously we’re all there to watch people have sex, but if you’re going to tell a story, tell it right!

“Alt-porn” is a form of adult entertainment intended for those who cannot relate to the staleness of your average Joe skin flick. Films often involve participants of underrepresented cultures, like goth or cyberpunk, and actors are often tattooed, pierced, and have colored hair. The SuicideGirls are probably the most well-known example of alternative pornography, although the style dates back to the early nineties. Underground filmmaker Nick Zedd’s Cinema of Transgression was thought to contain some early elements of alt-porn.

Back in 2002, adult film producer Jim Powers released his own fleshy homage to the punk rock archetype with the truly hardcore flick, Little Runaway. The hundred-minute X-rated film features a cast of tatted, studded, and mohawked misfits, as they fuck to a soundtrack of notable punk ‘bangers’ by the likes of US Bombs, D.I., The Stitches, Lower Class Brats, and The Sick. Best of all is that this porno is an adaptation film and is pretty faithfully based on Penelope Spheeris and Roger Corman’s 1984 cult classic—and one of the greatest punk genre films ever made—Suburbia.

Little Runaway opens with Rachel Rotten, a suburban punk girl who struggles with the unreasonable standards of her monotonous home life. Her father, your quintessential sleazy middle-aged male porn actor, has removed Rachel’s rock ‘n’ roll posters and replaced them with dolls and other girly paraphernalia. “Halloween is over,” Rachel’s father tells her, physically threatening his daughter to change out of her Black Flag t-shirt. Rachel accuses her father of having a sexual relationship with her step-sister, which he denies. Then, without even skipping a beat, a very graphic sex scene begins, involving the father and his underage step-daughter.

‘Fuck you dad!’

Rachel hitchhikes to a very early-aughts Hollywood Blvd and soon finds herself at a US Bombs show. It is not long before Rachel is drugged by a creepy dude at the bar and is eventually carried off by her punk savior, Rob Rotten. Rachel awakes the next morning at Rob’s crash pad and becomes witness to a vulgar threesome in the other room. Rachel’s voyeurism turns her on and she is approached by Rob, who initiates certain lewd acts upon her person and in her mouth. Rob has a tattoo on his dick that reads “POISON.” He also has a tattoo of a Nazi flag on the back of his leg. Yeah…. ‘alt-porn.’

US Bombs

Rachel gets drugged


Rachel watches a threesome

Rachel and Rob get it on
After two back-to-back sex scenes, we are introduced to the rest of Rob’s squatter gang—and I suppose what would be considered the “inciting incident” of the film. The suited landlord of the property and his burly sidekick confront the punks, threatening to kick them out so he can bulldoze the squat and build condos. They are outnumbered, so the two return later that day “when there are less witnesses.” They attempt to rape Courtney, the junkie with pink liberty spikes, but their plan is ruined when she responds with, “You’re fucking lucky I’m just a whore.” The three engage in a sloppy, slightly-disgusting sex scene.

Rachel is welcomed into the gang

Landlord versus punks

Courtney can’t resist
Courtney is later discovered to have died of an overdose. The punks were never supportive of her drug addiction and, in the the scene prior, had really slammed Courtney for having a dope habit. Somebody named “El Douche” makes a quick, punchline cameo in order to perform oral sex on the naked, deceased corpse. Rob and the gang return Courtney’s dead body to her father and then attend her funeral, where a quick altercation occurs when Courtney’s uncle is accused of molesting her when she was a child. Everyone flees, except for a male and female, who choose to bang alongside Courtney’s coffin, because why not?

Courtney returns home


Mortuary sex scene
Courtney liked to party, so the punks throw a party in her memory. D.I. plays the gig, which is especially funny because the band actually performed in the original Suburbia film. As you might have guessed, people definitely fucked at this rager. In one corner of the show, Rachel and Rob bone, very visibly, for all to see. In another corner, a girl with spikes has sex with a dude in a Skrewdriver shirt. After the show, that very girl approaches Casey Royer, vocalist of D.I. “Hey, that was a great show,” she compliments Casey. “Thanks a lot,” Casey responds, “I had a great time. I love the music. Music’s the best. Punk rock rules! Long live punk, like music. Music is like the opening of the mind, in the aggressiveness toward the government.” The girl is clearly impressed. “That’s great,” she answers. “Can I just suck your cock?” The girl proceeds. Yes, the guy from D.I. gets a blowjob in this film. I guess you can call it the climax.


Dude in a Skrewdriver shirt

Casey Royer from D.I. / The Adolescents gets a blowjob
Little Runaway received five Adult Video News nominations, but sadly claimed zero awards. You can easily find the entire film online—I can’t directly link to it or Google will kill our ads—but be forewarned, as it is literally a straight-up porno. Long live punk rock.



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