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Inside the Surrealist Ball, 1972
01:13 pm
Inside the Surrealist Ball, 1972

The rich are different from you and me. First off they have lots and lots of money, mansions, boats, castles, summer homes in the Caribbean, nice cars and STUFF. They get to own politicians—entire countries even—and stack the deck in their favor so that capitalism works just for them!

Their parties are certainly better catered than ours are…

...and the wealthy get their fancy dress costumes from couture houses in Paris, not Target.

These shots were taken at Marie-Hélène de Rothschild’s famous Surrealist Ball held at Château Ferrières on December 12 1972.

Another cool thing about rich people is that they know all the right people, like Audrey Hepburn…

... and Salvador Dali…

... supermodel Marisa Berenson…

...and famed perfumer Hélène Rochas

Obviously we know where hostess-with-the-mostess Marie-Hélène got her money from. The Château was already in the family and owned by her husband, Guy de Rothschild. Convenient, that!

The requirements for the fancy dress party were “Black tie, long dresses & Surrealists heads” and the invitation had to be held up to a mirror—it was printed backwards—to be read. Guests walked through a forest of black ribbons, meant to be cobwebs, and a maze before entering the ballroom.

Marie-Hélène, with husband Guy de Rothschild, seen here wearing a mask crying tears of diamonds. But of course!

What would David Icke make of these lizard people???

Via So Bad, So Good/HT Rupert Russell

Posted by Richard Metzger
01:13 pm



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