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Kate Bush: Live at Hammersmith, London, 1979
07:03 pm

I hated Kate Bush the first time I heard her voice warbling “Wuthering Heights” on the radio, early one cold, winter morn. It was exam time, and in my annoyance suddenly understood why old people hate the music of the happy-go-lucky young. You see, I was prematurely middle-aged. It didn’t last, of course. A week or so later, and I was, like every other schoolboy, smitten by this delicate, pre-Raphaelite beauty, with the powerful, ethereal voice and her wayward, drama school dancing. I became a fan and her records were added to the collection and played with the reverence of a love-sick Montague.

Alas, I never saw her one and only tour On Stage in 1979, by then I was writing poems for undeserving girls, who preferred boys in leather with B.O. and bikes and a liking for Gong. Therefore I’ll always be grateful Kate’s performance at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, was recorded for posterity on May 13 1979. O, what joy is that?

Find out for yourself, and check the track listing:

01. “Moving” 
02.  “Them Heavy People” 
03. “Violin” 
04. “Strange Phenomena” 
05. “Hammer Horror” 
06. “Don’t Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake” 
07. “Wow” 
08. “Feel It” 
09. “Kite” 
10. “James and the Cold Gun” 
11. “Oh England My Lionheart” 
12. “Wuthering Heights” 

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Posted by Paul Gallagher
07:03 pm



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