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Momus: Performative Lecture from 2012

Artist and DM pal, the fabulous Norn Cutson forwarded this fascinating performative lecture given by pop oddity, musician (The Poison Boyfriend, Tender Pervert), author The Book of Jokes and The Book of Scotlands, philosopher, post modernist and artist Momus.

We all need a bit of Momus in our lives and this is a fascinating and entertaining lecture with a Q + A session, which he gave at Nottingham Trent University, October 18th, 2012.

Now based in Osaka, Japan, Momus is available for public speaking engagements - email: - and will be next available in Europe during March 2013.

For more information check his website.


Bonus - Momus presents ‘27 Lies About the Mackintosh Building’ - an excerpt from a talk, given at Glasgow School of Art as part of the European Peripheral Tour, that follows on from his own maxim that “every lie creates a parallel world in which it is true.”
With thanks to Norn Cutson!

Posted by Paul Gallagher
12:26 pm



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