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My 80’s teen art rock band: Steaming Coils
01:26 pm

I’m so flabbergasted that I found this fan-made video on the you-know-what for a song by a band I helmed as a teen in the 80’s, Steaming Coils, that I decided to share it here. Steaming Coils was essentially myself making the music and my good friend and lyrical genius David Chrisman singing. Over the years many other cool people did time in the band as well and we put out three LPs , a handful of cassettes and recorded hundreds more songs. ALL of which are available for free download at Mutant Sounds. I’m still really proud of what we did in Steaming Coils. As a rule, we over-extended our musical reach. We were listening to and worshipping really complex progressive and experimental music and wanted to play like our heroes but our skills were more at the budding punk-rock level and I think that’s what makes it interesting to hear now. The song in the video (which is pretty damn odd, but huge thanks to whomever created it !) is one of the last and best things we ever did, from our Breaded LP. Hope you enjoy it !

Steaming Coils - Never Creak LP (1986)
Steaming Coils - The Tarkington Table LP (1987)
Steaming Coils - Breaded LP (1989)
Steaming Coils - Archive (1983-1990)

Posted by Brad Laner
01:26 pm



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