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Obscure punk & fuzz by all-girl bands from the 1970s (because girls fucking rule!)

The picture sleeve of Netherlands-based all-girl band Wicked Lady’s ‘Girls Love Girls,’ 1979. The girls appear to be channeling the cover of the 1977 album by Thor, ‘Keep the Dogs Away.’ Right on ladies!
This post was inspired by blogger Eric Brightwell and his three-part series of articles that featured a shitload of fantastic sounding all-girl bands and an entire piece dedicated to groups from the 1970s. It was Brightwell’s third in a series that uncovered all-lady bands that dated back as far as 1910. I don’t know what we did to ever deserve Mr. Brightwell and his somewhat exhaustive chick-centric exposés but I for one have been obsessing about his findings for nearly a week now.

Since I adore all things that are from the decade that helped define the correct temparture of cool: aka the 1970s, I zeroed in on a few of my favorites like Dutch band Wicked Lady (pictured at the top of this post), St. Louis’ The Welders, and Portland, Oregon’s empowering punk pioneers, Neo Boys. In most cases the bands featured in this post didn’t stick around too long, maybe two or three years before disappearing, which for me only enhances the joy of discovering sounds made by girls who had the courage and chops to put themselves out there. I’ve included some cool photos followed by some of my favorite tracks done by each band that I was able to dig up online. Face the facts people, girls rule.

Hounslow, UK-based all-girl band, Mother Trucker and the amazing cover of their self-titled 1975 album.

St. Louis-based band The Welders.

Toronto band Curse.

UK girl group The Flatbackers.

Portland, Oregon punkers, Neo Boys.

Japan-based all-girl group Girls on the cover of their ‘Punky Highschool Love’ in 1978.

Wicked Lady ‘Plastic Queen,’ 1981. Though not a track from the 70’s it was way too good not to share.

The rather glammy ‘Shine it On’ by Mother Trucker, 1975.

‘SOS’ by The Welders. In 2011 BDR Records did two pressings of the band’s 1979 four-song EP which is awesome news for your ears and turntable.

Neo Boys, ‘Running in the Shadows’ 1978/1979.

‘Shoeshine Boy/Killer Bees’ from Toronto band Curse, 1978. 

Though the band got their start back in 1978 this single from The Flatbackers ‘Never Had Nuffin’’ was recorded during a Peel Session in August of 1980.

Japanese band Girls strutting their stuff for their number ‘Noraneko’ in 1977. Girls covered several KISS songs.

Girls covering The Runaways’ classic, ‘Cherry Bomb.’

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