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Pet dog literally loses its face while saving two girls
12:43 pm


Even though the above photo of Kabang the hero dog from the Phillipines is grotesque, this is actually a moving and heartwarming story of what our canine friends are willing to sacrifice for us when faced with danger. From Inquirer News:

Cousins Dina Bunggal, 11, and Princess Diansing, 3, were walking across Nuñez Extension on Dec. 14 not knowing that a speeding motorcycle was bearing down on them. At the crucial moment, Kabang, the Bunggal family’s dog, emerged from nowhere and jumped into the motorcycle’s path.

The cousins stumbled but were otherwise unharmed. The motorcycle driver, likewise unharmed, took them to hospital for treatment of their bruises.

Eyewitness Jovito Urpiano said Kabang (a Visayan term that means “spotty”) shielded the two girls from certain harm.

Urpiano was in an eatery on his noontime break from driving a tricycle and saw how Kabang stopped the motorcycle from hitting the girls. The dog’s head landed directly on the motorcycle’s front wheel, and as it rolled, her snout got stuck in it.

“I thought somebody threw the dog on the motorcycle, but I could not see anyone who might have done that,” Urpiano told the Inquirer. He said it later came to him that Kabang had intentionally blocked the motorcycle’s path to save the girls.

According to the article Kabang showed up at the family’s home two-weeks after the incident with a mutilated face. The Bunggal family say:

It does not matter if she’s ugly now. What is important to us is she saved our children and we cannot thank her enough for that.

Kabang is being treated with antibiotics, eats with her paws and is apparently back to her fun-loving old self. She is also expecting puppies. 

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Posted by Tara McGinley
12:43 pm



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