‘Poorly Drawn Album Covers’: Your Facebook time waster for the day
10:23 am
‘Poorly Drawn Album Covers’: Your Facebook time waster for the day ‘Poorly Drawn Album Covers’: Your Facebook time waster for the day

I have a big weakness for injudiciously liking and joining extremely narrow-purpose Facebook pages and groups, and as such I’m a proud member of “Staring At This Picture Of Dave Navarro Until It Gives Me An Acid Flashback,” at least a dozen groups that consist of nothing but vinyl enthusiasts posting the covers of whatever they’re listening to at the moment, and OF COURSE “The Same Photo of Glenn Danzig Every Day,” which DM told you about last week. But the thing that’s been tickling me this week is “Poorly Drawn Album Covers,” which is exactly what you think. The page’s unnamed admin draws (presumably by him or herself, no artist credits are given), shoddily, in what must be MS Paint or worse, album covers ranging from iconic, instantly recognizable classics (amusingly, their Screamadelica and Songs About Fucking don’t actually look super different from the originals at first glance) to recent indie stuff—and they have quite good taste in indie, IMO. But even if you can’t name the record (they’re not identified for the reader, which I like), it’s still always a giggle. Here are a few samples. There’s plenty more where this came from, and if that’s still not enough for you, these folks have competition on Tumblr.

Bjork, Homogenic

Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp A Butterfly (which by the way is as good as everyone says)

Ride, Nowhere

Led Zeppelin, IV

Ween, The Mollusk

Mastodon, Leviathan

Merzbow, Pulse Demon

David Bowie, Heroes

Tyler the Creator, Wolf

The Jesus and Mary Chain, Psychocandy

Talk Talk, Laughing Stock

Funkadelic, Maggot Brain

Flaming Lips, Embryonic

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Let Love In
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