Realistic sculptures of free-floating body parts, ‘humans’ trapped in formaldehyde & other oddities
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Realistic sculptures of free-floating body parts, ‘humans’ trapped in formaldehyde & other oddities

‘Migrants OVIS.’ A sculpture by Sara Renzetti and Antonello Serra.
The artististic duo of Sara Renzetti and Antonello Serra hail from Sardinia, Italy where they have been creating thought-provoking sculptures of humans that are as bizarre as they are startlingly realistic. 

Though their work is rather disturbing at first glance, there is also a distinct sense of serenity emanating from their sculptures even as they lay in impossible positions or are conjoined in unorthodox ways—as you will see in the duo’s three-part-series entitled Mentalese-ATTO. And since Renzetti and Serra’s work has left me struggling to find words powerful enough to describe their idiosyncratic life-size (or larger) sculptural creations, here are a few words from the artists themselves on what guides their unique creative direction: 

The body shape here understood as a landscape, it opens to the death of the subject by virtue of investigations, alterations, and tumbles, to which the single vision - experience - not corporal, is able to guess at the beginnings and the boundaries. The subject and the object, from which all the challenges. Look and just becomes a form of expediency in relation to what is continually postponed, suspended and expected. We are on the apocalyptic Tiber, intended as a viewing experience, revelation of a dream that is given to dream.

I am endlessly fascinated by craftsmen that are able to elevate their medium to the level that Renzetti and Serra have with their sculpture, which if I were to attempt to describe it would be something like if the fictional vivisectionist Doctor Moreau enacted his monstrous medical procedures on people, instead of mashing them up with animals. That said, pretty much everything you’re about to see in this post in one way or another are very NSFW.


‘Horror Vacui.’ 

‘I am my Son, my Father, my Mother, and I.’

‘Mentalese—ATTO I.’

‘Mentalese—ATTO II.’

‘Mentalese—ATTO III.’

‘Migrants’ (artist self-portraits).






‘Seventh Heaven.’


‘Natural History.’

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