Remote Viewing: Learn Psychic Skills from a US Intelligence Agent

Detail from “The Cosmolux,” Paul Laffoley, 1973

Apparently ESP is a teachable skill. Dangerous Minds pal Chris Holmes, of Ashtar Command, writes:

This is one of the most fascinating and amazing things that I have ever personally experienced. Neil and I spent a couple months learning remote viewing with ex-government remote viewers as research for an article/book. This is the real deal, not new age bullshit. Paul Smith is not a sensationalist or fringe crank. This is hard science, not flim flam. He will speak on remote viewing and give a training session to those in attendance. This is not to be missed!

Here’s the details. There are special $25 tickets for attendees who mention Dangerous Minds when they purchase at the door.

The Society, Neil Strauss and Chris Holmes present a lecture and seminar with top US Army Remote Viewer Paul Smith. The story of the army’s remote viewers, or psychic spies, is one of the most interesting chapter in US military history—a psychic arms race going on between the Russians and Americans. Paul Smith was one of the top US remote viewers in a program that shifted between the offices of US Army intelligence (D.I.A) and the C.I.A. It was finally declassified in 1995 at which time Paul Smith went out on to teach the techniques to the private sector.

At the Loews Hotel next door to the Hollywood Highland Complex. 1755 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, CA. Friday Sept 14, 2pm-9:30 (with a dinner break in between)

Below, physicist and pioneering ESP researcher Russell Targ and remote viewer Hella Hammid conduct an experiment for BBC cameras in 1983.

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