Romney campaign changes the topic from his ineptitude *back to his taxes*!

This is getting really to be… counter-intuitive isn’t it? The whole Mitt Romney “situation” I mean…

Republican political adviser Alex Castellanos (who worked for Romney’s campaign in 2008) told Politico’s Maggie Haberman that when he heard about the Romney team deciding to release the candidate’s tax returns today, hot on the heels of, well, months of stupid moves and self-inflicted wounds, he thought it was a joke:

“At first I thought this was an April Fool’s Joke,” said Castellanos, who tweeted something to that effect at me earlier. “But it isn’t April. I can’t imagine that David Axelrod will now say, I’m glad Mitt put this issue behind him. This will drag Mitt’s taxes back into the debate. And there’s not many days left. I just can’t imagine why they would do this. There are 40 days left and you have now made more of them about Mitt’s taxes….you don’t serve a life sentence and then confess afterward. They’ve taken their beating on this (already) ... I just don’t understand how a (being a) ‘little pregnant’ strategy (works).”

Mitt Romney—“If that is, in fact, your real name”—dude, you are truly the fucking Inspector Clouseau of American politics!

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Posted by Richard Metzger
05:07 pm



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