‘Slumber Party Massacre II’: Bonkers, totally 80s musical driller killer thriller cult ‘classic’
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‘Slumber Party Massacre II’: Bonkers, totally 80s musical driller killer thriller cult ‘classic’

Slumber Party Massacre 2 Cover
Slumber Party Massacre II, written and directed by Deborah Brock, is a horror comedy musical cult film that you need to see. Pay no attention to the haters at Rotten Tomatoes who called it a “a horrible movie, not a horror movie”—so the killer in Slumber Party Massacre II breaks into song. Like that’s a bad thing? How often do you see something like that outside of Sweeney Todd? Released in 1987, Slumber Party Massacre II was the sequel to (how’d you guess?) Slumber Party Massacre and there were others in the Slumber Party Massacre franchise, but sequels, prequels people, who cares about those other films…? This is the one you need to watch.

The story is all about girl rocker Courtney and her badass band of preppies going on a weekend getaway to a parent-free condo to have a girly slumber party. OF COURSE, their very 80s boyfriends show up and so does the driller killer. Before I even discuss that guy, Courtney’s awesome band of stone foxes “plays” (mines along to) music courtesy of LA-based group Wednesday Week.

The first number they “perform” called “If Only” takes place during a scene at their garage practice spot before they leave town.

Okay, so maybe their acting isn’t the best, but the song is cool, right? Wednesday Week was formed by sisters Kelly and Kristi Callan. Before that they were in a band called Goat Deity with Steve Wynn of the Dream Syndicate. The movie also features the “band” (meaning Courtney’s pop combo) playing Wednesday Week’s “Why.” It’s very reminiscent of the Go-Go’s or the Bangles..

Here’s a video of the actual Wednesday Week performing their own “Why.”

But back to the film: As the night progresses, a very special guest makes an uninvited appearance and whaddayaknow he begins to kill off the party-goers one by one. But this is no ordinary humdrum run-of-the-mill serial killer. This, my friends, is a driller killer. Look at that shit. Pure uncut B-movie 80s, innit?
Driller Killer
The driller killer is incredibly sexy (in a totally Andrew Dice douchebag kinda way) in his fringy leather outfit replete with a red slasher guitar. But it gets even better, the driller killer has his own theme song. “Let’s Buzz” written by John Juke Logan, provides a bluesy number for the killer to dance around in his sexy Fonzie getup before preparing to strike.

I can’t say for sure that I’d run away from a killer dressed like that. Also, guys, if you’re looking for a sexy Halloween costume I’d say the driller killer outfit could get you lots of ladies (although I could be completely wrong about that). And there’s even a prop “driller killer” guitar now available on Etsy.
Driller Killer guitar
With a tagline of “thrills, chills and guitar drills” you might gather that the movie isn’t the best slab o’ cinema ever made, but for 77 minutes if you can hang in there (there are some boring parts and it can be confusing at times) you’ll see a great little cult horror film. Who doesn’t like a teen slasher movie with some OK acting, cheesy gore and rock ‘n’ roll? NSFW.


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