Stacia, Hawkwind’s buxom cosmic dancer discusses her wild sex life in vintage interviews
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Stacia, Hawkwind’s buxom cosmic dancer discusses her wild sex life in vintage interviews

Stacia as pictured in the iconic ‘Space Ritual’ fold out sleeve designed by Barney Bubbles

You read Dangerous Minds for the articles, right? Sure you do. Well maybe not this time, because today we’re talking about Hawkwind’s mononymous, voluptuously endowed former stage dancer, Stacia. I was checking out a Hawkwind fan site the other day when I came across a couple of interviews with the busty performer, both from 1974. The first one to catch my eye was from Penthouse and was entitled “Long, tall Stacia – the six foot lady with the two-way sex life.” The other, simply titled “Stacia, the girl in the band” came from the August 3rd edition of Record Mirror. Stacia comes off as a total badass in both, as I would imagine that you’d have to be to hang with the likes of Lemmy Kilmister all day long.

If you know anything about Hawkwind’s legendary 70’s live shows, you’re fully aware that they were unique not only because the band was spacing you out so hard. Here’s how the Penthouse article puts it:

What makes Hawkwind concerts rather different from those offered by the current crop of rock bands is the fact that they possess a 42-28-39 asset called Stacia. At the magic moment when the music really starts getting under your skin, Stacia makes her entrance - dancing, miming and generally interpreting the sounds in her own, very unique fashion; usually wearing little but greasepaint. With the above-mentioned statistics and standing six feet tall, Stacia is an impressive lady: as she so rightly says, “If I could get my waist down to 18 I’d have the same shape as Sabrina.”

The article goes on to discuss how Stacia started dancing for Hawkwind in 1971 (she was with them until 1975) and the fact that she received no formal dance training after being kicked out of ballet class for being too tall. Stacia then relays a story about helping out a guy from the audience who was freaking out on acid by simply handing him a ring from stage.

Next, we learn about her relationship with then boyfriend Arthur Kane from New York Dolls, her girlfriend Ingrid, some thoughts about fans and her take on Women’s Lib:

Stacia was 21 last December (“I’m still a kid”), and now lives in Earls Court with two men, two other girls, and two budgerigars. She is happily bisexual, which works out rather conveniently because her boyfriend is Arthur Kane, of the notorious New York Dolls rock band. “I adore getting drunk with him.  It doesn’t matter if I never see him again; I’ll always love him. I have his pictures on the budgie cage.” As Kane is bisexual as well, he can have no hang-ups regarding Stacia’s girlfriend, a German lady called Ingrid. As well as this interesting manage, Stacia has countless other admirers. When Hawkwind appeared in Los Angeles, a 36-year-old man vowed that he would follow her to the ends of the earth, though the ladies who admire Stacia tend to be more interested in what she’s really like underneath the greasepaint and exotica. She’s defiantly opposed to Women’s Lib: “I’d rather sit at home and let the men do all the work. They should make enough money to pay for a maid.” On further consideration, that sounds extremely liberated.

Stacia 2
Stacia’s Psychedelic sign language for Hawkwind
She also really liked her booze:

In the course of our interview Stacia demolished several glasses of wine and we asked if she took a shot of Dutch Courage before she went on. “Of course, she admitted, “it calms my nerves. I’m not as over-confident as people think. I drink like two fishes, but I don’t seem to get drunk. I can still be relatively together after a couple of hours boozing. I love Tequila: it gives you that terrific warm feeling, doesn’t it?”

You can read the whole article here.

In the Record Mirror interview, Stacia again talks about how she met up with Hawkwind and how she feels about people’s perception of her in relation to the band of space heroes:

“Yeah, that psychedelic rock band who made “Silver Machine” and blimey, they had a nude girl moving her hips in time with the music. When we made “Silver Machine” we attracted a Top 20 audience of filthy little boys who came along to stare at me.”

When she first started dancing with Hawkwind though, it didn’t surprise most people according to Stacia:

“I don’t think Hawkwind could surprise anybody.  They get into so many weird things.”

She goes on to recount some insane on-tour incidents including a time that she nearly got murdered:

“I was doing a mime of a robot who was given a pill and becomes human for a spell.  I was freakin’ out at the time, and I felt this choking sensation round my neck. People thought it was a guy hugging me at first, which was cool, but a roadie saw that he was strangling me and he threw the bloke off the stage.

“He even had a go at me a second time,” recalls Stacia, “and the hall bouncers beat him up and threw him out. I was really shaken, and I wasn’t much good for the rest of the tour.”

Later, she talks about her Catholic upbringing and the fact that she’ll probably be leaving Hawkwind soon to pursue a solo singing career.


Finally, here’s Stacia’s response to a question about whether she feels pressure to maintain her girlish figure:

“Aw, come on man,” she retorts, “remember that song, “Accept Me For What I Am”? well that’s me. I don’t diet or anything and besides I’m too fond of Guinness. Anyway I wouldn’t be able to wear my favorite costumes if I started that caper.”

You can read the entire Record Mirror interview here.

Stacia, Lemmy and others talk about her legendary performances in the clip below from the 2007 BBC documentary about Hawkwind.

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