The first major casualty of Trump’s new tax plan: Goth Day at Disneyland
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The first major casualty of Trump’s new tax plan: Goth Day at Disneyland

The administrator of Bats Day in the Fun Park, widely known to many, unofficially, as “Goth Day at Disneyland” recently issued a statement declaring that the event, now in its twentieth year, would no longer be organized, citing rising costs and the extra tax burden caused by Trump’s new tax laws.

According to the Bats Day in the Fun Park press release:

The new tax laws going into effect in 2018 (and impacting every American’s returns when they’re filed in 2019) no longer allow small businesses to deduct anything from their taxes—and Bats Day would also be taxed on any money that comes into the event before anything gets paid out to the event’s vendors. Bats Day already barely breaks even, so adding this set of burdens makes things really tough for us. They force us to raise certain prices and otherwise jeopardize the event’s logistics. On top of this, we’ve been priced out of the hotel we held our events in for the past eight years, reducing our chances to keep this event happening for the community even further.

They did add that goths and deathrockers could still meet up on the scheduled weekend for one last Bats Day blowout—the 20th annual Bats Day in the Fun Park weekend will be held May 5-6, 2018, with an estimated 7,000+ people expected to attend.

Scheduled events include:
- The Bats Day Dark Park™: Concert event with performers to be announced soon.
- The Bats Day Black Market: A spooky shopping experience with over 75 unique vendors.
- The Bats Day in the Fun Park trip to Disneyland, CA: the world-famous event that wraps up the weekend, where attendees are encouraged to participate in as many photo opportunities and meet-up locations as they can, culminating in a “spooktacular Photo Event and Ride Experience through Disneyland’s classic Haunted Mansion attraction.”

Though certain official events are expected to cease due to the new tax laws and rising cost of operations, it is expected that goth meet-ups will continue to take place at Disneyland for years to come.

Trump, try as he might, can’t keep a good goth down.

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