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‘The Rusty James Show’: The idiot bastard son of Woody Allen and Firesign Theatre, starring Elvis?

Fifty years ago—in the perfect pop culture year of 1966—Woody Allen did his first film project for American International Pictures, home to Roger Corman, monsters, bikers, acid heads and futuristic Death Races looking way forward to the year 2000. I say film project as he didn’t make his first film, he sort of stole it! Legally.

Basically Allen took the Japanese action film International Secret Police: Key of Keys and re-dubbed the dialogue, changing the plot to make it revolve around a secret egg salad recipe being fought over by rival James Bond-type spy characters. The film became What’s Up Tiger Lily? and was quite well received. The idea had been done before of course, on a smaller scale by Rocky and Bullwinkle creator Jay Ward for his Fractured Flickers TV series in 1963, and surely others had toyed with the concept, but not in a feature length film. The opportunities for juvenile, MAD Magazine humor were endless and very funny.

What’s Up Tiger Lily? created a model that has been followed by some of the funniest people in history. Here is the trailer in which Allen explains to an unsuspecting public what it is that he has done. (The entire film can also be found on YouTube.)


The next one of these dubbed comedies that comes to mind was in fact done by two of the funniest people to ever grace this planet, Phillip Proctor and the late Peter Bergman of Firesign Theatre fame. In 1979 Proctor and Bergman took clips from 1940s Republic Serials and overdubbed and rewrote an extremely stoned cliffhanger entitled J-Men Forever, starring themselves in newly filmed black and white bits that were inserted into the insane mess of rearranged reality. To top this off they used modern loud rock n roll music for the soundtrack.

To quote the blurb under the YouTube clip:

J-Men Forever became the signature for Night Flight’s stoned comedy audience in the 1980’s. This ultimate late night chronic high comedy was the most demanded rerun for the entire 8 years Night Flight was on the USA Network.

Until recently it was not always easy to see J-Men Forever outside of fourth generation dubbed VHS videos, so it’s a treat to be able to see it (in nine parts) on YouTube. Here is part one:

To throw one more at you, one of the funniest films of this type which I have watched doubled over in hysterics a dozen times is the Troma-released Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters. Just about every moment of this film is really funny. I have have turned more people onto it than I can recall at this point. It’s a definitely perfect stoned party screamer.

Here’s a typical scene from FFFF, and like the others, the entire film is also on YouTube.

Which finally brings me to the latest and possibly greatest concept in this meta-cinematic cuckoo customized cut-up genre, The Rusty James Show. I came across this just last night and was laughing my ass off at this insanely rude and crude barrage of juvenile sex, drug, gay, fart, etc. jokes all starring Elvis! The episodes are short for this modern, no attention span world and most of the episodes are edited with other films as well, most notably Pulp Fiction. They all have really funny full story lines, tons of music with really funny lyrics done in great Elvis impersonator style. They each have cleverly chosen, well-known soundtrack music. I haven’t seen them all but the more I look the more there seems to be. I’m guessing they are the creation of the person whose name is on the YouTube channel where they can be found, one Joey Castleman, whose YouTube URL ends with “IMRUSTYJAMES.”

With just this post alone, you now have about a month’s worth of stoned hilarity for you and your demented friends.


The eternally difficult choice between tacos and tail is the narrative force behind this classic. Rusty’s dietary needs conflict with his desire to lay kink on his smoking hot memphis bitches. So, of course, our hero sings a lovely ballad apologising for his flatulence. From busty brunettes to raven-haired whores, no foxy bitch can resist a clean crooner like RJ! Is Jenny Craig the answer? Clean underwear and lemon trees offer the response, yes!



“Everyone knows big Duke likes sugar whores! Everyone knows that!!”,So proclaims the great western icon when coincidental events paint him as a rump-wrangling, peter-gazing, sugar-queer homo!

Even Rusty loses faith—questioning Dukes devotion to pussy—and begs his friend to make a statement by raping a Sugar Whore in the town square.

All ends well with this videos great PAYOFF!!

The beautiful, manly, testosterone-filled harmony of “Rifle, Cocaine, and Weed” by Rusty, Ricky, and Lil’ Raul.



Grab an extra large box of popcorn and sit down to enjoy what must be the “director’s cut” version of Night Queer. You will be thrilled as dark forces threaten thirsty little Raul, the mexican Dean Martin. Nasty clues lead the authorities to think Raul is endangered by animals at the zoo! But our hero, Rusty James, recognizes the work of a sick pervert, Night Queer.

Raul’s rescue depends both on the wits and driving skills of his friend. Cool car chases, heroic leaps and a dead bad guy result

Posted by Howie Pyro
03:18 pm



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