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Ultra-rare AC/DC promotional songbook full of sheet music, comics & photos from 1976
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Ultra-rare AC/DC promotional songbook full of sheet music, comics & photos from 1976

The front cover of ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap & Other Dine-O-Mite Songs.’ An incredibly rare Australian promotional songbook that came inside of AC/DC’s 1976 record, ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.’
Also known as Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap & Other Dine-O-Mite Songs this incredibly rare piece of AC/DC ephemera was put out by the legendary Albert Productions—Australia’s very first indie record label that got its start back in 1964 under the guidance of music maverick Ted Albert. When the mid-70’s rolled around Albert Productions pretty much ruled the Australian music industry, thanks much in part to the wild success of the bad boys from Sydney. Here’s Angus Young on how the band’s relationship with Albert’s helped AC/DC thrive during their formative years from the 2010 book that details the history behind Albert’s House of Hits

When we first went out there, we were lucky enough to get a deal with Alberts’ even before we left Australia, so that was good for us. We didn’t have to go shopping ourselves, but what was good was that Ted [Albert]  advanced us a lot of the money so as we could get out there and tour and back-up the records. For him it was a long-term investment, but it paid in the end. It all helped.

According to the AC/DC Fan site, in Australia when you purchased the band’s 1976 release Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap it came along with a mailer that when sent to Albert and co. accompanied by three dollars, got you a copy of the book in the mail. It’s unclear how many of the books were made but when the do appear for sale online they sell for anywhere from $800 to a cool grand depending on the condition they are in. AC/DC put out other equally rare song-style books like The Rocka Souvenir Songbook and The Explosive Hits ‘76 Songbook around the same time but neither of them come even close to the wow-factor Dirty Deeds achieves.

I’ve included images from the book that include an amusing “AC/DC KWIZ” that I’m pretty sure is impossible to fail, an advice column called “Dear Aunt Haggis…” and a page for collecting the band’s autographs if you ever got close enough to them with a pen. The last layer of cool I will lay on you is the good news that back in 2014 a massive box set homaging Albert Productions was released called Good Times: Celebrating 50 Years Of Albert Productions. The set contains 102 different tracks from over the course fifty years from AC/DC and other notable Aussie bands like the Easybeats, long-running hard rockers Rose Tattoo and garageband favorites The Missing Links, just to name a few. Devil horns OUT!

The back cover of ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap & Other Dine-O-Mite Songs.’

Table of contents.

‘Dirty Deeds comic’ and autograph page.

‘Dear Aunt Haggis…’ and other amusing AC/DC related weirdness.








Can you pass the ‘AC/DC KWIZ’?

The ‘KWIZ’ answer key.

Super Bon!

Mark Evans, AC/DC’s bass player from 1975 to 1977 was only nineteen when he joined the band.

Sheet music for ‘There’s Gonna Be Some Rockin;.’

Sheet music for ‘She’s Got Balls.’

Sheet music for ‘Show Business’ and ‘You Ain’t Got A Hold On Me.’

One of my very favorite AC/DC moments from 1975 when Bon Scott performed on televison for the first time with the band on Aussie TV show, ‘Countdown.’



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