World Gone Wild: Now that elections are over, post-apocalyptic movies are fun again!
07:50 am

With a poster like this, I shouldn’t even have to try and convince you to watch it!
Since the election is now in the rear-view miror (and I have yet to hear riots in the streets), we can all go back to enjoying the dystopic visions of the future that felt all-too-prescient a few weeks ago. Might I suggest the 1988 classic World Gone Wild? First of all, Adam Ant is a major character, and he gives a performance that makes his acting in the “Goody Two Shoes” music video look positively understated. This is, of course, all a part of the charm, since the appeal of the movie is pure grandiosity.

The synopsis says it all:

After the colossal nuclear wipeout, who inherits the earth? Adam Ant’s crazed band of Charles Manson worshipers, or hippie-magician Bruce Dern’s flower children who follow the great teachings of Emily Post? Finding out is all the fun in this tongue-in-cheek- sci fi adventure with action that makes Mad Max look like a tea party.

I’d argue that it makes Mad Max look like an Oscar-winner, but I understand making comparisons when you’re trying to ride the coattails of what is frankly, a much higher quality product. Sadly, because we live in a cruel and unfeeling world, you can’t find World Gone Wild on DVD, but VHS copies are still floating around, and this outdated format really feels like the appropriate vessel for such a product of its time. I don’t know about you, but I like my post-apocalyptic flicks like I like my New Wave musicians: over-the-top and short on shelf life!

Posted by Amber Frost
07:50 am



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