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‘Ghost Rider’: Amazing new video surfaces of Suicide, live in 1980
06:21 pm


Alan Vega
Merrill Aldighieri

This newly re-mastered and edited video by Merrill Aldighieri captures Suicide performing “Ghost Rider” in 1980.  It is some of the best footage you’ll ever see of the legendary rock pioneers.  Alan Vega shines in an atypically subdued but still pretty intense performance. Edgar Allan Presley.

As the resident video jockey at New York City rock club Hurrah, Aldighieri documented some of the best live performances by cutting edge bands of the early 80s including
Gang Of Four, Magazine, Bush Tetras and Suicide. In this edit,  Aldighieri has incorporated the older footage with new imagery filmed at a retrospective of Alan Vega’s paintings and sculptures in Lyon, France that took place in 2009.

Merrill Aldighieri’s website ARTCLIPS is a marvelous compendium of digitally re-mastered Hurrah concert videos made between 1980-1981 among many other delightful things. Visit it.

Merrill is a friend and shot footage of my band at Hurrah in 1980. I asked her for a comment about Alan Vega and this is what she wrote:

The night I met Alan, Oct. 1, 1980 on stage at Hurrah, I was terrified by his unbridled passion. It took all my courage not to turn away. The next time I met him was in his loft downdown. We talked for hours. He did not shy away from anything. His life was an unsolved mystery and you were invited to be a witness, a participant. Humility and talent in equal generous doses. I guess that’s why he was such a good collaborator. He was very proud and in wonderment at the joy of being a father too. He did not hold back.

Legendary punk rocker and Dangerous Minds’ contributor Howie Pyro knew Alan quite well and describes him as…

a man so ahead of his time he left us all in the dust. One of the first times I ever went out to a club in 1976 I saw Suicide open for Blondie & was not prepared for the onslaught of volume, sound, blood, real violence, art, and true rock n roll but with NO guitars or drums!! It blew my mind & I grew up a lot that night…had I known I would be recording with “that guy” 20 years later I’d have (happily) fainted…

Ironically, a man in a band called Suicide approached this mortal coil with the kind of no bullshit intensity that makes life way too interesting to abandon.


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University building sure looks a lot like a toilet
02:41 pm



In February the State Council of the Chinese central government released an “urban blueprint” calling for buildings that are “suitable, economic, green and pleasing to the eye,” and putting the kibosh on those that are “oversized, xenocentric, weird.”

One wonders how the officials behind that directive reacted when they saw the building recently unveiled by an educational facility in Hainan, China. It bears a striking resemblance to a certain plumbing object that most of us use every day.

Here’s the kicker: the school in question is actually the North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power, leading some to suppose that the commode-ish design of the structure is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the purpose of the university. That it was deliberate!

This new toilet-building arrives in a year when many people are saying that Zaha Hadid’s design for the airport in Beijing, scheduled to be completed in 2019, looks suspiciously like a vagina.

via Mashable

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The secret teachings of rock ‘n’ roll: Ancient Debbie Harry calendar proves time is an illusion!
09:35 am


Debbie Harry

Sometimes better late than never isn’t just better: It’s amazing! In this case, late is now and it’s very cool!

The Official 1983 Debbie Harry Calendar is current and could in fact be re-named “The Official 2016 Deborah Harry Calendar.” It has been 33 years since this calendar was published and while fashion and Debbie have changed, the dates of the days have not. Call it a miracle, if you will. All I know is that this is a very special gift from the goddesses who rule the realms of timelessness. The number 33 is powerful beyond all numbers. Click here to have your frontal lobes seared like a mound of sweetbreads.

Time is an illusion. We live in the eternal now, now. The Official 1983 Debbie Harry Calendar is proof that time is more than just a series of numbers lined up like soldiers marching off to war. It’s an infinite spiral going in two directions at once. A Busby Berkeley extravaganza choreographed to a rock ‘n’ roll beat. Science has impenetrable explanations for this time loop thing but I don’t want to hear about it. This calendar is magic. Try as they might, mere scientists can’t clarify the mysteries of time and space in ways that trigger the flippers in the pinball machine of our souls. The Official 1983 Debbie Harry Calendar is a totem, the stuff of shamans, poets, and seers like Jim Morrison and Patti Smith. As a high school dropout, I may be unaware of how these things work, but I’m on the side of the mystic, don’t rain on my parade. The spirits of Aleister Crowley and Lobsang Rampa will kick your cynical asses. And how do you explain the fact that I discovered this preternatural artifact, this time machine of sorts, on Debbie Harry’s birthday!?!

I am beyond ecstatic. My whole body is a tingling dust devil of motile spores. Can science find an equation for that?!

Fuck math. Let’s dance! The new wave is the now wave.

Impress your friends. Print copies and put them in your wallet or your disco bag. Who knows, the numbers may change at the stroke of midnight, 2017.

Levitating lovers in the secret stratosphere
I am still in touch with your presence dear


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Good news pizza face: The world of high fashion says acne is chic!
05:19 pm


Moto Guo

Now that the silver hair trend has finally made its way to the furthest reaches of Middle America (not to mention the tragically démodé, eager trend-lemmings of Hollywood) unsurprisingly YOUTH, glorious YOUTH is back in a big way for the irreverent and ridiculous world of High Fashion—and not merely the mythical germ-free adolescence that haunted our teen dreams! No, at Milan Men’s Fashion Week, Malaysian designer Moto Guo sent his models down the runway sporting the latest thing: pimples!

I have to admit, high fashion in general usually leaves me flat, but there is a sense of humor about this that I really enjoy. Moto’s line here has a surreally childish feel to it, so why not top that off with with some blemishes as accessories? Sadly the acne is kind of the only thing from the collection that I can imagine wearing (and probably the only thing I could afford).

If you’re not lucky enough to be naturally acneic, Moto’s very own renegade makeup artist Roberta Betti recommends you recreate the look with MAC Mahogany Lip Liner and MAC Coffee Eye Pencil. Better hurry, before they run out and you’re forced to smear your face in Crisco like a plebe!

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Underground erotica: Konstantin Somov’s secret stash of gorgeous gay art
01:22 pm


Konstantin Somov

The Boxer (1933)
Russian painter Konstantin Somov isn’t very well known for the dreamy, homoerotic portraits you see here. He was a successful commercial artist from an artistic family, but his most acclaimed work might better be described as “retro,” or even “camp.” Somov was essentially a Rococo revivalist, forgoing the somewhat harsh realism that was popular in Russia at the time for a whimsical gouache and watercolor style that was nearly 200 years old—think big wigs and giant skirts, a lot of fussy-looking depictions of 18th century aristocracy. In some ways, his commercial work was even gayer than his gay boudoir scenes.

In Russia, Somov was an integral part of a thriving and lush arts community centered around a publication he co-founded—World of Art, which also included lavish costume and set design for the Ballets Russes. There were a lot of gay men involved in World of Art, and its predilection with fantasy and luxury were very much out of step with the 19th Century Russian Realism. After the Russian Revolution, Somov likely anticipated his work being denounced as decadent so he immigrated to the U.S. and then Paris. His commercial work is auctioned off for millions at Christie’s, but it’s his underground gay portraiture that’s got the cult following.

Naked Young Man (1937)

Portrait of A Man (1933)
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