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Score this cool ‘Shining’-themed skirt while it’s dirt cheap
07:33 am
Score this cool ‘Shining’-themed skirt while it’s dirt cheap

There’s this intriguing skirt that’s a perfect item for the woman who loves The Shining, Stanley Kubrick’s endlessly compelling 1979 Stephen King adaptation, but doesn’t always want to be too obvious about it. I noticed it at a bar yesterday when I witnessed one woman pay another a sartorial compliment for wearing it. The wearer instantly mentioned that it depicts part of the helicopter shot from the opening sequence of The Shining.

This got my attention, so I inquired further. As fans of the movie will remember, the opening sequence is a lengthy series of shots of a fantastic natural landscape, most of it a bird’s-eye view of a car driving on a road. But the car isn’t in the very first shot; the very first shot was executed over a body of water, a landscape shot taken at Saint Mary Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana. 

Here’s a basic shot of the skirt:

Here’s a closer look:

Here’s a picture of the very first shot of The Shining:

It sure as heckfire seems like the same place from the same angle. You can even see a slight irregularity on the base of the mountain on the right side of the picture, it’s the same in both pictures. They’ve fucked with the colors a bit and given the setting much more of a radioactive neon feel, but it’s the same place. 

The skirt is available at Modcloth, although there is no reference whatsoever to The Shining in the writeup. It has the rather dopey name of “Hey, Soul Vista Midi Skirt,” and it’s currently on sale for $27.99, discounted from a list price of $69.99.

Thank you Megan Brown!

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Posted by Martin Schneider
07:33 am



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