Marc Bolan, Andy Warhol, Joan Jett & other famous folk with their dogs, for your election 2016 blues
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Marc Bolan, Andy Warhol, Joan Jett & other famous folk with their dogs, for your election 2016 blues

A young Joan Jett and an adorable dog. Jett has gone on to dedicate much of her life to animal advocacy.
If you’re a jittery bag of nerves with questionable sleep patterns thanks to the fucking fiasco that is the Presidential Election of 2016, then I hope this post will help restore some of your faith in humanity. At least temporarily.

As the title indicates I’ve culled some images of famous people and their dogs that I’m quite sure will get you to your “happy place” pretty quickly. At the very least it will briefly distract you and keep you from checking the latest statistics over at Fivethirtyeight or wherever it is that you happen to be getting your political updates these days. Until this all blows over (if in fact it ever does) I’d keep this post close by for when you need to talk yourself out of moving to Canada, moving underground or perhaps relocating to the fucking moon. Honestly, if photos of Marc Bolan and David Bowie cradling adorable canines doesn’t help restore your pulse to a more reasonable rate, I’m not sure anything will. Hang in there kittens, it’s almost over!

Marc Bolan.

David Bowie and a wee little Scottie, 1980. Photo by Duffy.

The band Queen and their four-legged canine pal.

Andy Warhol and one of his beloved dachshunds.

Dee Dee Ramone his dog & Deon.

Debbie Harry, Bill Murray and furry friend. Photo by Chris Stein.

Thin Lizzy vocalist Phil Lynott and his dog Gnasher.

Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon.

A high-as-fuck looking Neil Young and a couple of canines.

Nick Cave and a puppy! Nick Cave and a puppy!

Keith Richards and his doggy pal.

Iggy Pop and an Iggy look-alike dog.

Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson and their Rat Terrier Lolabelle.

A young Roger Daltrey and his dog Mouse.

Author Kurt Vonnegut relaxing with one of his many dogs.

Actor Humphrey Bogart and his Scottish Terrier Sluggy.

Alfred Hitchcock and one of his Sealyham Terriers.

Steve Marriott and his dog Seamus.

Stevie Nicks and her gorgeous black poodle.

George Harrison and one of his many four-legged friends.

A young Eric Clapton and playful puppy.

Townes Van Zandt and his dog Geraldine.

Tina Turner and one of her dobermans.

Former vocalist for Alice in Chains the late Layne Staley and Sunshine. Sunshine was the three-legged dog owned by AIC guitarist Jerry Cantrell who appeared on the cover of the band’s 1995 self-titled album.

Lemmy Kilmister and friend.

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