Surreal images of exquisite women and their strange companions
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Surreal images of exquisite women and their strange companions

A painting by Dan Quintana.

LA -based painter Dan Quintana says he never decided to be an artist, he was just “born that way.” The talented, self-taught artist has been compared to a 20th century Hieronymus Bosch as well as having a style that has strong ties to other Flemish masters such as Hugo van der Goes especially when it comes to Quintana’s use of moody color schemes.

I’ve been a fan of Quintana for many years and his works never cease to intrigue and amaze me, much like his ability to interject images of mesmerizing, goddess-like women amid his shadowy landscapes filled with creepy, crepuscular beings lurking about. Here’s Quintana on that aspect of his creative process:

I’m attracted to the curves and lines in the female form as opposed to the bold and masculine, although I have painted and drawn many male figures as well. There’s a sort of lovely contrast/juxtaposition in the beautiful, elegant lines of the female figure, colliding and blending back in the mix with that of gloom and the malformed.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Quintana’s remarkable paintings up close and can say unequivocally that they are even more captivating in person. If you are a fan of Quintana or just became one thanks to this post, you can pick up a few of his prints—such as one of my favorites featured in this post “Atriums” (pictured directly below)—over at his official website. Some of the images in this post are slightly NSFW.


‘The Cozen Den,’ 2011.
















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