The brief 1976 collaboration of New York Doll Arthur ‘Killer’ Kane & Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P.

Killer Kane Band, 1976
The Killer Kane Band back in 1976.
I’m not telling you anything you probably don’t already know when I say that the divorce of glam punks heroes, the New York Dolls was a messy one. In 1975 members of the Dolls were completely fucked up on drugs—bassist Arthur “Killer” Kane (R.I.P.) was often too inebriated to even join the band on stage—and constantly fought with each other behind the scenes. After a five-date tour of New York’s outer boroughs, the Dolls parted ways.

During all this glittery chaos, and while on tour in Florida, Johnny Thunders and drummer Jerry Nolan abruptly left the band. Thunders was replaced by future heavy-metal codpiece enthusiast, Blackie Lawless, the soon-to-be vocalist for W.A.S.P. Which leads me to the topic of this post—the time that Arthur Kane made some sweet mid-70s rawk and roll with Blackie Lawless who was then known as “Blackie Goozeman” in the Killer Kane Band.
Arthur “Killer” Kane, Blackie Goozeman, and Andy Jay of the Killer Kane Band, 1976.
Killer Kane Band three-song EP from 1976
Killer Kane Band three-song EP from 1976.
The Killer Kane Band recorded one, three-track EP back in 1976. I’ve posted all three songs from the EP, “Longhaired Woman,” Mr. Cool” (which Lawless would go on to re-record with his band Circus Circus and W.A.S.P. under the title “Cries in the Night”), and “Don’t Need You” below, that I think many of you will dig listening to. Especially if you are a fan of the sounds of early Alice Cooper.

Only a few hundred pressings of the EP were ever made but the kind folks over at Hozac Records repressed the 7” platter earlier this year as part of a pretty stellar collection of rarities including early recordings from Prix (a project that includes Big Star founders Alex Chilton and Chris Bell), and early LA punks, Made in Japan who DM horror movie nerds may recall from the 1980 film, New Year’s Evil.

Killer Kane Band, “Longhaired Woman.”

Killer Kane Band, “Mr. Cool.”

Killer Kane Band, “Don’t Need You.”

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