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Watch Chris & Cosey’s eerie, experimental long-form videos from 1984
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Chris & Cosey

Chris & Cosey, one half of Throbbing Gristle, released their first two albums as CTI (Creative Technology Institute) in 1984: Elemental 7 and European Rendezvous. Each was accompanied by a long-form video release on Cabaret Voltaire’s Doublevision label.

There’s a certain hypnotic effect that can only be produced by this combination of Carter/Tutti synths, color saturation, and old-fashioned video mixing, and I’m a sucker for it. That’s not to say these videos look real fancy. The liner notes on the back cover of the Elemental 7 VHS offered this budgetary disclosure and statement of intent:

Each piece from this video is a story in itself, each saying something different. The music was recorded specifically with each piece in mind, the visuals came first. It is not a ‘pop promo’ video. The visuals were shot entirely on domestic VHS equipment, including 90% of the special effects. It was then transferred to Umatic for editing and post production. This video did not cost a fortune to make, just £500. Video production is within anyone’s reach, the only limit being your imagination.

ELEMENTAL 7 was shot in 1982 and not edited to its final form until September 1983. The soundtracks were recorded at Studio 47 in 1982 and completed for release in September 1983.


Though it complements their first live album, the European Rendezvous video doesn’t include any footage of the shows. The back cover of the record explains:

An extended version of this L.P. is available on video showing John Lacey‘s projections that accompanied each CTI gig.

European Rendezvous is my favorite of the two. While both videos are heavy on images of natural beauty, the contributions of former COUM Transmissions member Lacey, all masks and talismans, make the landscapes look eerie. Turn off the lights and stare at these awhile.

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Throbbing Gristle’s Chris & Cosey announce first American shows since 1991

Exciting news—well, if you happen to be in the right two cities—this just in from Carter-Tutti‘s manager Paul Smith…

In addition to PS1/MoMA‘s invitation to have them to take part in the museum’s celebrations for the first ever Mike Kelley retrospective exhibition, where they will exclusively perform live an enhanced remix, of the X-TG Desertshore album tracks at the VW Dome venue at PS1 on Sunday 5th January 2014. The event is dedicated to the memory of both Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson & Mike Kelley.

Chris & Cosey will also appear live on WFMU for Dan Bodah’s Airborne Event show on January 6th at 9pm and in Chicago at the Metro Club on January 9th where they will revisit their 1980’s “techno-noir” material as “Carter Tutti plays Chris & Cosey”

They return to New York on the 11th for “Carter Tutti plays Chris & Cosey” at Santos Party House

To be clear, the two NYC gigs will be very different. At the Mike Kelley exhibit, they’ll be performing and remixing the X-TG tribute to Nico’s Desertshore album, while at the show on the 11th at Santos House Party, they’ll be playing their own material.

Tickets are on sale now and are only $20 each. There will also be an exclusive limited tour CD available at the shows.

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Art Pop: Two unexpectedly avant garde Eurythmics collaborations
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Annie Lennox
Dave Stewart
Chris & Cosey

When Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart left The Tourists to form Eurythmics in 1981, they traveled to Cologne to work with noted German producer Conny Plank on their first album, In the Garden. Some of the musicians involved were Can’s Holger Czukay and Jaki Leibezeit (billed as “Les Vampyrettes”), DAF’s Robert Görl and Blondie’s Clem Burke. Karlheinz Stockhausen’s son Markus was also on the album. (Annie Lennox would record a lot of the vocals for Robert Görl’s 1984 solo LP on Mute, Night Full of Tension.)

“Never Gonna Cry Again” was the first single and along with Burke and Czukay, who looks like an absent-minded old guy who just wandered onstage to jam with his French horn, they debuted the number on The Old Grey Whistle Test:


A second notable Eurythmics recording with decidedly more avant garde co-conspirators than most people would assume would be a fit, was the darkly pulsating “Sweet Surprise” single they recorded with former Throbbing Gristle members Chris and Cosey, released on Rough Trade in 1985. Lennox and Stewart are not mentioned on the sleeve which shows a photo of Chris & Cosey beside two silhouettes with question marks. They are credited on the label, though.

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