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Jive talk for dummies: ‘How To Speak Hip’
03:40 pm

Pop Culture

How To Speak Hip

Here’s some vintage film footage of hippies set to a soundtrack of How to Speak Hip, a comedy album by Del Close and John Brent that was released in 1959.

Follow it closely and this film is all you’ll need to convincingly assimilate into hipster culture. For you older folks, here’s an opportunity to improve your communication skills with the younger generation. Speaking hip is not just amusing, it’s essential when travelling through certain parts of America like Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Portland or Austin’s East Side. Also, give your full attention to the fashion and movement of the hipsters in the film. It’s not enough to just speak like them, you must be able to interact with them with ease and confidence. Hipsters can spot a square from a mile away and you don’t want to suffer the embarrassment of being perceived as “the man” or “the heat.”

So good luck and hope you have fun learning to speak hip.

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