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All that scratchin is making me itch: Awesome mid 80s DJ sets by The Wizard, Jeff Mills
11:27 am


The Wizard
Jeff Mills

In celebration of Detroit-based DJ Jeff Mills aka The Wizard’s 50th birthday today, Nerdcore lovingly posted his groundbreaking DJ sets from “The Electrifying Mojo” radio show on WJLB from the mid 1980s.  When it came to beat juggling and scratching, Mills was in a class by himself. He was also an early member of the “militant” Detroit techno outfit, Underground Resistance at the end of that decade.

When Mills DJs, he most often uses three turntables (or now CD players), a Roland TR-909 drum-machine and utilizes (I guess “plays” is the wrong word) up to seventy records an hour.

If this doesn’t make you wanna get up and shake yer ass, nothing will!

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