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There are Ramen noodle scented bath salts for your bathing pleasure
09:48 am


bath salts

Why not soak your old tired bones in a nice steaming hot bath that smells just like a Ramen noodle beef bowl? Sounds enticing, does it not? Well you can do just that with these Ramen bath salts from Japan.

Google translate isn’t working too well on the Japanese site that’s selling them (or maybe it is, tough call). It’s impossible for me to translate all the different scents the Ramen bath salts come in. You can probably guess what they are, though. They’re selling for around $3 a pack here.

Here’s how Google translated the description of the product:

Finally finished!? Rice smell of bath salts!? Only in about likely go three times rice fragrance to a too delicious smell, and inspiring, but fasting use caution! Too much like the stomach, it will be in trouble!!

Okay! Sign me up! My man LOVES IT when he gets home and I smell of beef soup and MSG.


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The Navy’s ‘Bath Salts’ PSA: ‘It’s not a fad…It’s a NIGHTMARE’
09:52 pm


bath salts

Everyone is mocking the Navy’s anti “Bath Salts” video like it’s the new Reefer Madness, but I must say, this is exactly what the experience was like for me! Dubstep, reptilian beings, bowling alleys, all of it.

Seems pretty obvious to me that someone in the Navy did a lil’ research on research chemicals, don’t cha think?

Thank you, Rod Stanley!

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