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Cannabis and Morphia Cough Syrup from 100 years ago

The contents on this label for a bottle of One Night Cough Syrup, from 100 years ago, included:

Alcohol (less than 1%),
Cannabis Indica F.E.
Morphia, Sulph.

Skillfully combined with a number of other ingredients.

The dosage was 3 x 1 half-teaspoonful.
With thanks to Krystin Ver Linden

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‘Put away stupidness’: Dub legend Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry gives advice to Lil’ Wayne

As a filmmaker who’s shot documentaries on both Lil’ Wayne and Lee “Scratch” Perry, Adam Bhala Lough thought it a good idea to cross wires a bit and let the eccentric 76-year-old dub master bestow a bit of mellow wisdom upon the drank-sippin’ 30-year-old rap supastar.

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