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‘Come play with us forever and ever’: Custom drum kit inspired by ‘The Shining’

A custom drum kit inspired by the unforgettable carpet in the hallways of the ‘Overlook Hotel’ in the 1980 film, ‘The Shining.’
The design of this fabulous customized “Overlook Hotel” drum kit inspired by 1980 film, The Shining, was made by UK-based company Badgerwood Drums. In addition to the wrap finish based on the distinctive carpeting found in the corridors of the Overlook covering the bass drum, the snare, and floor and rack toms, the bass drum head also bears the parting shot in the film where Jack Nicholson’s character Jack Torrance finally joins the other ghostly guests and employees of the hotel in an eerie black and white photograph. 

According to the company’s Instagram you can drop them an email if you have any questions—such as can they make you your very own Overlook Hotel drum kit so that you can “bash ‘em right the fuck in.” Just like Jack threatened to do to Wendy Torrance’s brains. I’ve posted some images of this super sweet Kubrick kit below.


More shots after the jump…

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