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Bizarre wax Amish children for sale on Craigslist
02:31 pm


wax statues

Someone in the charmingly named town of Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania, is overburdened with wax figures of Amish children and is using an ad on Philadelphia Craiglist to unload them. Here’s the ad:

I have 28 wax figures. I’m asking $300 EACH. There are 4 mechanical. I’m selling 1 figure with a desk for $300. There out of the weavertown one room school house in bird in hand pa. They were made by dwarfmans in 1969. They were appraised at $450 to $800 each. Would love to sell as a set . If your interested in all please contact me. Please NO low balling. I had several offers that I turned down! I have no problem with offers if you buy the 28 as a set (no low balling) and no scams. I take cash on pick up . I can also take credit card but prefer cash.

As Gizmodo’s Katharine Trendacosta figured out, the Weavertown One Room School House is “an authentic one-room school” dating from 1877 in which “life-sized animation brings this interactive classroom to life.” Until May 1969 it was a school for Amish and Mennonite children, but then it became a museum.

One might wonder, what’s up with the museum if all the wax figurines are for sale on Craigslist? A note on the Ultimate Cinema Guide website (??) states that “we are still working on getting the wax figures moving again very soon,” but I wouldn’t be surprised if that note were on the old side. So perhaps they abandoned plans to fix them?

The reasons why and wherefore are secondary. What matters here is that if you can scrape together 8,400 simoleons, you can populate your very own fake Amish classroom—and we won’t even pry all too much as to why you would want to do that…..


Many, many more wax Amish kids, after the jump…...

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Brothers Johnny Mullet and Lester Mullet arrested over Amish beard attacks
02:02 pm

Current Events

Lester Mullet
Johnny Mullet

These two were arrested in Millersburg, Ohio in connection with a series of break-ins.

But these weren’t just any break-ins. Nope, these events involved some Amish beard scalping! . As reported in my hometown newspaper The Wheeling News Register and Intelligncer:

[Sheriff’s Timothy] Zimmerly has said men entered a home Oct. 3 and used scissors and battery-powered clippers to cut the beards of the 74-year-old bishop of a mainstream Amish community and his son.

Zimmerly said the men told them, “We’re here for Sam Mullet to get revenge,” and held them down. He said the men then went to a nearby county, where a similar attack happened.

The Amish, known for their simple, modest lifestyle, are a deeply religious group, and their beards carry spiritual significance. Amish men typically grow beards as adults and stop trimming them when they marry. The beards, and women’s long hair, are held in high esteem.

Sam Mullet has said beard-cuttings are in response to criticism from other Amish religious leaders about his leadership practices. He denies ordering beard-cuttings but says he wouldn’t stop them.

Hair-cutting attacks against several people have occurred in recent weeks in the area.

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Amish Mugshots
02:20 pm

Current Events


Here’s something you don’t see everyday, mugshots of eight Amish guys.

Apparently these rebels without a car were arrested for refusing “to pay fines for failing to affix orange safety triangles to their horse-drawn buggies.”

Read the full story over at the The Smoking Gun.

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