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Great moments in queer cinema: James Dean attempting to punch Rock Hudson in the dick
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James Dean
Rock Hudson

In perhaps one of the most unexpectedly homoerotic behind-the-scene candids that I’ve ever seen, James Dean and Rock Hudson rehearse a fight scene on the set of the 1956 film, Giant.

Hudson looks nonplussed, unless this is just the “before” shot.

Contrary to rampant rumors, co-star Elizabeth Taylor insisted that the closeted Hudson and somewhat-open-secret bisexual (?) Dean did not get along, saying, “Jimmy was thoroughly ‘Method.’ Rock was riddled with an inferiority complex.”


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Roddy McDowall: Hollywood Home Movies from 1965

Other people’s homes movies, like their holiday snaps, can sometimes be terribly dull. But Roddy McDowall’s silent home movies are different, mainly because they have a cast list to die for - from Simone Signoret to Lauren Bacall, Ben Gazzara to Paul Newman, even Judy Garland and Dominick Dunne.  Also, Mr McDowall was a film fan, and there’s a fine sense of his enjoyment and wonder at the Hollywood stars larking about at his Malibu beach home. These are fun artifacts, a last hurrah for a golden age of Hollywood.

The films were uploaded onto You Tube by soapbox, who was personally given the home movies by Roddy McDowall.

Jane Fonda, Tuesday Weld, Anthony Perkins, Rock Hudson, Lauren Bacall, Natalie Wood, Judy Garland, May 31, 1965.
Plenty more of Roddy McDowall’s Hollywood Home Movies, after the jump….

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WTF? Bea Arthur and Rock Hudson sing about coke, meth and weed
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Bea Arthur
Rock Hudson

As James St. James says over at the fab World of Wonder site this “Must be seen to be believed.” Rock Hudson and Bea Arthur sing about acid, weed, cocaine and booze in the song “Everybody Today Is Turning On”, a toe-tapping moment from Bea Arthur’s Emmy-nominated TV special, aired on 19 January 1980, on CBS. The song comes   from the 1977 Broadway Musical I Love My Wife.
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Bea Arthur Needs Some Marijuana

Via World of Wonder

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