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The Black Keys and Sonic Youth live in Austin
10:09 pm


The Black Keys
Sonic Youth'

The Black Keys back when the world wasn’t their oyster.
I just returned from the The Black Keys sold-out show in Austin at the Frank Erwin Center which has a capacity of 17,000. It’s been a long uphill trip for Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney since they played Emo’s (also in Austin) to a couple hundred people back in 2003. The Black Keys’ overnight success was 10 years in the making. Good for them. They’ve earned it.

Tonight’s show was terrific - great playing, great light show and an absolutely adoring crowd coalesced in one of those rock and roll moments that are too fucking rare these days. Add my freshly cracked tooth with exposed nerve endings to the mix and the whole experience was electrifying.

My tooth is still buzzing despite two glasses of wine and 30 milligrams of codeine. Rock and roll afterglow with a bit of s&m thrown in.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. Here are The Black Keys and Sonic Youth playing Austin City limits in 2010 and the entire Black Keys 2003 Emo’s show (after the jump).

Guitar orgy.

Keys at Emo’s after the jump…

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