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It’s A Bad Brains Christmas, Charlie Brown

I meant to post this festive Bad Brains meets the Peanuts crew video last year around the holidays but somehow spaced on it. So here’s a big “THANK YOU” to Lawrence LaFerla for reminding me!

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The Mothra Fairies sing ‘Why Are You Weeping, Happiness?’ (1964)
01:40 pm


The Peanuts

This is guaranteed to be the best thing you will see all day or double—no triple—your money back…

In nearly every Toho film that Mothra has appeared in, two tiny little girl fairies, immortal beings called the Shōbijin, appear as well. They are psychically connected to and try to spread the positive environmental message of Mothra, fierce protector of the Earth.

What usually happens is that the Shōbijin get kidnapped. They sing a song called “Mosura No Uta”—not quite as well known as the Doctor Who theme to sci-fi geeks, but CLOSE—that will summon Mothra to rescue them and fuck up a lot of Tokyo in the process. Later “Fairy Mothra” was created from a little piece of the kaiju Mothra, to be the bodyguard and transportation for the Shobijin. Or something like that…
In the early Mothra films, the Shōbijin were portrayed by The Peanuts, identical twin Japanese pop stars Emi and Yumi Ito. Because their voices were so very, very similar, when they sang together there was a natural sort of “reverb” effect to their harmonies. They recorded an English album with covers of “California Dreamin” and “Proud Mary.” They were also featured on The Ed Sulivan Show.

This clip comes from the 1964 Toho film Ghidrah The Three Headed Monster. The Mothra fairies appear on TV show called “What Are They Doing Now?” performing this wistful little number titled “Why Are You Weeping, Happiness?”

After the jump, The Peanuts singing in English…

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