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‘Trump Has A Huge Night at the Second Presidential Debate’: Genius funny new Vic Berger supercut

Once again Vic Berger comes through with the goods. Here’s his latest supercut of the most recent Trump/HRC face-off. I was shrieking with laughter throughout it.

The master’s “artist statement” follows:

After the release of those scandalous tapes, the pressure was on for Donald Trump at the second debate. But the presidential nominee proved he doesn’t need the support of his party, or women, or pretty much anyone else – so long as he believes in himself.

Press play. Do it now.

After the jump, watch Vic Berger’s take on the first one, ‘Trump Has A Total Meltdown At The First Presidential Debate’

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‘President Trump is up for re-election, HIS FIFTH RE-ELECTION’: ‘Batman vs Trump’: Official Trailer

I’ve called our readers’ attention to the work of comedy genius Vic Berger a couple times before here on DM, and here I am doing it again for his mega-incredible “Batman v Trump: Official Trailer.”

In this his newest masterpiece, Berger takes his political pop culture détourné art form to another level. He’s the culture jammer extraordinaire of YouTube. SNL, The Daily Show, Jimmy Kimmel… Hollywood needs to hire this man now. One of the best, most-effective anti-Trump propaganda memes yet, and obviously there have been tons of them.

Just hit play. And share.

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‘God is dead’: Piss yourself funny ‘short versions’ of Republican Presidential announcements

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‘The Chubby Shorts’: Ridiculous Chubby Checker videos show a side of Chubby not typically seen
04:13 pm


Chubby Checker
Vic Berger

You know how there are certain things, or people, that can have you reduced to a puddle of laughter within a matter of seconds? I’m that way about the hilarious YouTube videos made by Vic Berger, a man demented enough to have recently gotten a tattoo of Jeb! Bush. On his neck. (Or did he?)

I’ve highlighted some of Mr. Berger’s truly wonderful Tim and Eric-esque (and absolutely bust-a-gut-funny) “short” versions of the GOP Presidential hopeful’s announcement speeches on the blog recently, and today I checked back to see if he’d done any new ones related to the GOP debate. He hadn’t, but I noticed something that piqued my interest: A compilation of several video “mood pieces” relating to egomaniacal rock and roller Chubby Checker.

Chubby Checker “mood pieces”? COUNT ME IN!

Volume One of “The Chubby Shorts” features SIX 30 second Chubby Checker video mood pieces created by Vic Berger. Using the words of Mr. Checker himself as well as concert & interview footage, Vic brings you a side of Chubby not typically seen by the general public.

It would be terribly pointless for me to describe what you are about to see, although I did want to point out Mr. Checker’s very strong resemblance to the kid who plays Manny on Modern Family. And there’s more.

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‘God is dead’: Piss yourself funny ‘short versions’ of Republican Presidential announcements

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