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Soap bubbles become psychedelic works of art
10:52 am


William Horton

‘Bubblefish I’ a photograph of a soap bubble by William Horton.
Here are some photos that will bring you right back to your childhood and the days you spent outside trying to make giant bubbles with your giant bubble wand and a bunch of dish soap in a frisbee. Or perhaps looking at these incredible images will bring you back to that last acid trip you took. Either way, the photos of soap bubbles taken by William Horton equal one thing—good times.

Horton’s images are reminiscent of colorful aquatic animals such as jellyfish. To capture the bubbles in action Horton used a controlled lighting situation as well as plenty of high-tech tools and the results are absolutely mesmerizing. While I shouldn’t advocate the need for you to break out your bong in order to enjoy viewing Horton’s trippy bubbles, that kind of thing has always worked for me. Horton’s photographic portfolio is vast and well worth looking through. The talented artist also has many items that feature his work for sale at his website.


‘The Wanderers.’
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