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Finally, the death metal version of ‘Grease’ we’ve been waiting all our lives for

We’re grateful to Andy Rehfeldt for reminding us that most things can be improved with a little death metal. In this case, the classic 1978 musical Grease provides no exception to the rule. Rehfeldt worked up a death metal overdub for the climactic “You’re the One That I Want” scene late in the movie, and it’s fantastic!

The best thing about this version is that it lets us enjoy John Travolta’s idiotic facial expressions in a whole new way.

via Uproxx

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Death metal logos for America’s 2016 Presidential candidates
09:08 am


death metal

The presidential election is 17 months away—egad—so that means that according to recent tradition, it’s the season of “lots and lots of candidates.” This time around, the Democrats have a strong presumption that Hillary Clinton will be the eventual nominee, and that has limited the number of potential candidates willing to enter the race. But on the Republican side, no worries—the New York Times currently lists 16 people who either are running or are “probably” running as Republicans. Because that Times page will change over time, let’s record here what those names are: Jindal, Trump, Perry, Graham, Pataki, Santorum, Huckabee, Fiorina, Carson, Rubio, Paul, Cruz, and Bush are listed as “running,” with a trio of governors, Kasich, Christie, and Walker, listed as “probably.”

Fast Company, a business website that has often championed “branding” as the key to corporate success, hired well-known death metal logo artist Christophe Szpajdel to create new branding identities for some of the contenders. Szpajdel, who is from Belgium but lives in the U.K. has been a professional logo designer since 1977 and is responsible for the logos of more than 7,000 (!) black metal bands, including Morgawr, Anamorph, Fistula, Arcturus, Old Man’s Child, and Moonspell. It sounds like Fast Company got the right guy, at least. Here’s a coffee table book of Szpajdel’s logos.

Here are side-by-side views of each campaign logo with Szpajdel’s black metal-style creation. For Trump, amusingly, they used a toupee in lieu of his actual “TRUMP” logo. In every case you can click on the logo to see a larger view.



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A Bing Crosby death metal Christmas
11:43 am


death metal
Bing Crosby

Composer/musical prankster Andy Rehfeldt has struck again. You may remember his hilarious smooth-jazz sendup of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” or his polka-fication of Chris Brown. He’s also done metal versions of Abba and Coldplay songs. But in the spirit of the holiday season (gag), Rehfeldt is fucking with Der Bingle. He’s recorded a death metal version of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” synced to old TV footage of Bing Crosby’s rendition. And why not? You’ve got to be sick of that deathless “Little Drummer Boy” with Bowie by now, right?

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Death metal construction worker
05:43 am


death metal

This fellow looks especially skilled at knocking shit down and destroying things, but I’m not too sure about his bricklaying and tiling skills.

Maybe that’s for another music video to a different number?

Via Nerdcore

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Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra sing Death Metal

Another excellent death metal redub by YouTube user Andy Rehfeldt, with a little help from someone called Bördi. Wait for Louis to sing - why wasn’t the connection between Louis Armstrong and death metal more obvious before now?

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Louis Armstrong sings Death Metal version of ‘What A Wonderful World’

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