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Dangerous Finds: Happy Patti Smith Day! Trump’s short fingers; Radiohead’s Greenwood gets worldly
03:24 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Saturday, October 10th will officially be “Patti Smith Day” in Boston: Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced the honor via Twitter earlier this morning, and Smith will be in Boston for the event on Saturday, signing copies of her new book M Train at the Back Bay Events Center. (Stereogum)

“A Fireside Chat With An Active Shooter”—Torch of the Mystics demystified: Twenty-five years after its release, Torch of the Mystics, the single best and probably most sought-after album by the brain-melting world/psych band/freakshow Sun City Girls is getting a vinyl reissue. Forced Exposure talked to the band’s Alan Bishop. (Forced Exposure)

Congressman puts Speaker of the House job listing on Craigslist: California’s Mark Takano (D-Unsurprisingly) made a CL posting for the now up-for-grabs Speaker position that was presumed to be a lock for Kevin McCarthy until he bowed out of the running under the shadow of a sex scandal yesterday. The ad is full of pretty funny jabs at the far-right crazies that have thrown the legislative process into total disarry. CL pulled the ad, unfortunately, but here’s a screencap from Takano’s Facebook page:

‘YouTube effect’ has left police officers under siege, law enforcement leaders say: That the biggest complaint of the USA’s hyper-militarized police forces is the citizenry’s exercise of its Constitutional rights might just say all you need to know about what’s become of cop culture. (WaPo)

KidneyBook: You can get transplant organs on social media now: The international organ trade isn’t new. What’s new is social media’s role in this black market, especially in Southeast Asia. According to the Al Jazeera story, brokers based in India or Sri Lanka create fake Facebook profiles (often young women, who are perceived as more trustworthy) and post messages on kidney transplant support groups saying that they are desperately seeking a transplant for a relative. The brokers change their cell phone numbers and account information every five to six weeks so that they can’t be tracked. (Popular Science)

Asshole Ivy-Leaguer says Native Americans should be grateful for Columbus: The Brown University Daily Herald recently ran a rambling, incoherent column by M. Dzhali Maier, a science and society undergrad, called “The White Privilege of Cows.” The Herald later published another column by Maier titled “Columbian Exchange Day.” Both pieces suggested, among other things, that colonialism was a benefit to native populations. Never mind that pesky genocide part, apparently. (U.S. Uncut)

Why Donald Trump will always be a “short-fingered vulgarian”: Graydon Carter famously coined that enduring Trump takedown in the pages of Spy Magazine, and he relates the fallout that’s been forthcoming from The Donald ever since: “That was more than a quarter of a century ago. To this day, I receive the occasional envelope from Trump. There is always a photo of him—generally a tear sheet from a magazine. On all of them he has circled his hand in gold Sharpie in a valiant effort to highlight the length of his fingers.” (Vanity Fair)

Jason Baca has posed for the covers of over 400 romance novels:  But how does a guy get started in the trade? How does it feel being the object of so many women’s fantasies? And what happens when you’re holding a scantily clad stranger and a lighting fixture comes crashing down? The Guardian spoke to the man himself to find out. (The Guardian)

That ‘Renoir Sucks’ guy challenged a critic to a duel: This week we (and plenty of other outlets) told you about the protests in Boston against Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The protest’s mastermind, Max Geller, is reveling in the attention: “...he tells me with some amount of glee, he’s pretty sure that dueling is technically still legal in Massachusetts. This is good news for Geller, who can think of no more appropriate response to the Boston Globe article calling his protest of French Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir ‘sophomoric’ than challenging the author to a bloody fight to the death.” (HuffPo)

Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood announces world music solo LP and Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video: Rockers dabbling in global ethnic musics were given a bad name by some pretty exploitatively appropriative works that emerged during an ‘80s fad for pop Africana. Since then, people like Ry Cooder and Damon Albarn have rehabilitated the practice, and now Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood has joined that fray. Per Pitchfork’s Jazz Monroe: “Earlier this year, Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood revealed he was working on a new album in India with Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur. Now, it has a title and release date. Junun, which also features Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich and Indian qawwali group the Rajasthan Express, is due November 13 via Nonesuch. As previously reported, it’s accompanied by a documentary of the same name, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.” Here’s an advance sample clip:

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Dangerous Finds: ‘Remain in Light’ at 35; Smoke bombs in Parliament; New video from Failure
04:51 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

35 Years of Talking Heads’ ‘Remain in Light’: “They tightened up. They got funky. They set up shop in Nassau. They surrounded Remain in Light‘s eight songs with a worldly blend of global pop, post-punk, American R&B and artsy experimentalism augmented by a handful of session players on horns and percussion. And they played around with loops and samples, still mostly unheard of at the time, which gave the album the otherworldly feeling that the entire project was shipped in from another time and place, nowhere near the end-of-the-century New York City that the group had come to identify with so closely.” Ultimate Classic Rock senior editor Michael Gallucci’s edifying take on Talking Heads’ masterpiece. (Ultimate Classic Rock)

RIP Nunslaughter drummer Jim Konya: Jim was a universally and justifiably beloved fixture in Midwestern underground metal and hardcore (Minch, Nunslaughter, Schnauzer, 9 Shocks Terror, this list could go on for miles), but he suffered a stroke last month, then suffered a still more severe stroke while recuperating from the first. When doctors determined he’d never recover, the decision was made to remove him from life support. He passed yesterday. Konya had a big heart and a big personality, and he will be sorely missed. The ongoing crowdfunding campaign intended for his medical expenses will be applied to his final expenses. (Noisey)

Meet the right-wing rebels who overthrew John Boehner: It is only in recent months that this disruptive force in American politics even has a name: the House Freedom Caucus. Composed of nearly 40 of the most committed ideologues in the House, the Freedom Caucus has a simple mission: to get GOP leadership to deliver on the extreme, anti-government and social-conservative rhetoric that nearly all Republicans spout to get elected. (Rolling Stone)

Kevin McCarthy Pulls Out Of House Speaker’s Race: In a shocking twist to all the current House GOP craziness, the front-runner—by miles—for the Speaker gig removed himself from consideration. Perhaps there’s been motion behind the scenes to annihilate him after he openly admitted that the Benghazi investigations were an expensive, politically motivated character assassination? Not that this means the grownups will be in charge; the resultant chaos from McCarthy’s withdrawal leaves an opening for gross misogynist/Backpfeifengesicht poster-boy Jason Chaffetz. (HuffPo) UPDATE! The other shoe drops: Kevin McCarthy accused of having an affair with fellow member of Congress

Some people think The Martian is a true story: Because of course they do. Read tweets by the exasperated loved ones of the alarmingly credulous. (Time)

Smoke bombs, eggings: Kosovo’s parliament is out of control:  A heated argument in parliament today ended with one minister detonating a smoke bomb. Opposition leader Albin Kurti is the alleged miscreant, and he reportedly kicked at least one smoking canister (emitting what may have been tear gas) around the room until two of his fellow ministers fainted. The pics and videos in this article are very nearly unbelievable. (Quartz)

Dream Theater’s drummer rocks a Hello Kitty drum set: Whatever you think of Dream Theater, this is great. (Loudwire)

Ancient Mars Was Wetter and Warmer Than We Ever Realized: OK, first, get your mind out of the gutter. New data collected by the Curiosity rover shows that Mars was once quite Earth-like, featuring river deltas, lakes, and a warm climate. What’s more, the Red Planet may have been able to sustain liquid water at the surface long enough for life to emerge and evolve. Evidence for extraterrestrial life has yet to be discovered on Mars, but this latest finding shows that key ingredients were once available for microbial life to originate and evolve. (Gizmodo)

American democracy is doomed: Accusations that Barack Obama or John Boehner or any other individual politician is failing as a leader are flung, and then abandoned when the next issue arises. In practice, the feeling seems to be that salvation is just one election away. Hillary Clinton even told Kara Swisher recently that her agenda if she runs for president is to end partisan gridlock. It’s not going to work. The breakdown of American constitutional democracy is a contrarian view. But it’s nothing more than the view that rather than everyone being wrong about the state of American politics, maybe everyone is right. Maybe Bush and Obama are dangerously exceeding norms of executive authority. Maybe legislative compromise really has broken down in an alarming way. And maybe the reason these complaints persist across different administrations and congresses led by members of different parties is that American politics is breaking down. (Vox)

Check out Failure’s new video, “Counterfeit Sky’: The sci-fi clip was created by FX whiz Kevin Margo, using footage from his short film Grounded, which was scored by Ken Andrews of Failure. And the log keeps a-rollin’. Failure will embark on yet another tour supporting their comeback album The Heart Is A Monster tomorrow, this time with their mid-‘90s second guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen back in the fold for the first time since the band’s reunion last year.

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Dangerous Finds: Jack White meets the neighbors; Exploding Nazi candy; Video of Moz’s TSA ‘groping’
03:42 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Jack White showed up at a neighborhood potluck and nobody knew who he was: Celebrated musician Jack White has called Nashville home for a while, but this weekend was the first time that he was able to attend his suburban neighborhood’s annual potluck. We’d love to have seen everyone’s face when he explained Record Store Day to them. “You charge how much? For WHAT?” The wonderful photo above is from the Instagram of White’s neighbor Jedediah Jenkins. (Consequence of Sound)

The Confederacy was a ‘con-job’ on white people: The Beaufort County, South Carolina’s Frank Hyman wants people to know that for a significant share of white Southerners, the Confederacy — and the slave economy it defended — was a huge scam. And in an essay that ran last month in a number of newspapers across the South, he argued that the mythology surrounding the Confederacy still hoodwinks many of his white working-class Southerners to this day. (RawStory)

Brian Blessed claims “I delivered a baby in a park, bit the umbilical cord and licked the infant’s face”: The large ham BRIAN BLESSED, who it’s impossible to forget as Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon and as King Richard IV in Black Adder, made the foregoing claim and more in an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Midweek. We believe it. (The Telegraph)

The Nazis made an exploding chocolate bar to kill Winston Churchill: Fortunately, England’s Prime Minister did not sink his teeth into the candy-coated bomb, and the MI5 hired an artist to illustrate it and the other German booby traps it had discovered. These drawings were lost in a drawer for 70 years, but were recently found and have been published by the BBC. (BoingBoing)

New Tiger Hatchery/Paul Flaherty LP reviewed at Tiny Mix Tapes: Tiger Hatchery ARE what’s happening in under-the-radar jazz today. On their newly released LP, recorded live in fall of 2013, they join forces with saxophonist Paul Flaherty, who’s played with Thurston Moore and Weasel Walter, among others. “Flaherty’s playing astounds in its diversity, encompassing a palette of warp speed atonal trills, yelped cries, and occasional moments of somber melodicism that evoke Albert Ayler’s typically consonant and/or reappropriated head passages. On Live in New Haven, Flaherty locks into symbiosis with Tiger Hatchery saxophonist Mike Forbes, tracing a jagged pathway of legible melodic interplay that breaks off at a moment’s notice into freefall runs of conjoined squalling.” (Tiny Mix Tapes)

Trump, Carson & the rest of the American right seem to actually think they’re Dirty Harry: Trump is a clown, we know that — a very wealthy celebrity clown who has captured the imagination of millions of people. And if there’s one thing he’s known for, it’s his macho swagger so this isn’t exactly a shock coming from him. But who could have guessed that his closest rival, the sober, quiet, respectable neurosurgeon Ben Carson would hold the same delusions of masculine grandeur? (Salon)

Hillary Clinton’s support tumbles in California as Sanders surges: Less than half of likely Democratic voters in the June 2016 presidential primary in California, 47 percent, now say they will vote for Clinton, whose candidacy has been damaged by a scandal over her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. Meanwhile self-styled socialist Sanders, so far Clinton’s most prominent challenger for the Democratic presidential nomination, has since May climbed from single-digit voter support among California voters to 35 percent, according to the poll. (Reuters)

The mystery of ‘crow funerals’ solved: Scientists say birds are trying to learn about potential dangers to their own lives. “The funeral behaviour of crows is so widely observed, and people often asked about it - but we haven’t known what was happening,” said University of Washington researcher Kaeli Swift. (Signs of the Times)

If Apple didn’t hold $181B overseas, it would owe $59B in US taxes: Microsoft and Google pull the same moves, of course. So OK, Republicans and Randroids, tell us again all about how people on food stamps are leeches? (Ars Technica)

Security footage of Morrissey’s alleged TSA groping has been released: “The Voice” claimed last summer that a security officer got a little too fresh with him at a checkpoint in San Francisco. Gawker filed an FOIA request for the CCTV footage, and their request was granted. Read about it on Gawker, or if all you’re about is the voyeuristic part, watch the video right here:

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Dangerous Finds: Superman’s penis; $100,000,000 Trump bounty; the world ends tomorrow!
03:30 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Frank Miller drew Superman’s wang: This is an actual comic cover drawn by legendary comic artist Frank Miller. It’s the cover to a companion comic to Miller’s upcoming Dark Knight III: The Master Race series, and it appears DC is actually going to publish it despite the fact that 1) it is horrible, 2) it is laughable and 3) you can clearly see the outline of Superman’s junk in his red briefs. (io9)

A glitch in time: How Oval’s 1995 ambient masterpiece predicted our digital present:  By virtue of being atmospheric, ambient music tends to make the listener aware of the hardware involved in reproducing it, so it’s always, in a sense, about technology. But Oval’s version was a direct engagement with the up-to-the-minute details of sound recording, storage, and reproduction. With Oval, a critique of the entire system of recorded music was built into every gesture. (Pitchfork)

Antivax activists fund yet another study to “prove” vaccines cause autism, which they don’t: Three dozen dead monkeys later, antivaxxers are STILL WRONG. Heartbreaking and disgusting. (Science Based Medicine)

Who the N.R.A. Really Speaks For: Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone who’s at all attentive and non-delusional, but the N.R.A. does not fight for the rights of America’s gun owners, it’s a lobbying group representing the commercial interests of gun and ammunition manufacturers. (New York Times)

No, Carly Fiorina, a degree in medieval history doesn’t qualify you to fight ISIS: Worst-person-in-the-world contender Fiorina is a approaching Trumpian levels of GOP sideshow amusement lately. (The Guardian)

There’s a “Sexy Pizza Rat” Halloween costume: You thought the “sexy” costume trope shark-jumped ages ago? Nope. IT CAN ALWAYS GET DUMBER. (HuffPo)

Drug Kingpin El Chapo puts 100 million USD on Donald Trump, dead or alive: YIKES! We aren’t over-fond of him either, but holy shit. The world’s most wanted and most dangerous drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, is offering a US$100 million bounty for whoever delivers billionaire and Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump to him dead or alive. (TeleSur)

Kurt Cobain—“Sappy”: A 7″ containing Cobain’s cover of the Beatles’ “And I Love Her” and an early demo version of Nirvana rarity “Sappy,” alternately known as “Sad”—both used in the film Montage of Heck—is coming out, and today, the latter has arrived. A similar early version of the song has been available on bootlegs and online for a while now, but this is a cleaner, slightly polished up mix, and it sounds both great and heartbreaking. (Stereogum)

The world ends tomorrow and YOU MAY DIE! While our planet may have survived September’s “blood moon”, it will be permanently destroyed on Wednesday, 7 October, a Christian organization has warned. The eBible Fellowship, an online affiliation headquartered near Philadelphia, has based its prediction of an October obliteration on a previous claim that the world would end on 21 May 2011. While that claim proved to be false, the organization is confident it has the correct date this time. (The Guardian)

Hackable DIY synthesizer kit for only $40: This straightforward, three-pot kit looks like loads of beginner-friendly fun. (Tech Will Save Us)

This drunk kid really, really wanted mac & cheese:

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Dangerous Finds: EVERYTHING recorded by Dylan in 1965 & 1966; Jeb sucks; Ready for a New New Deal?
05:18 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Bob Dylan Bootleg Vol. 12: Every take recorded by Dylan in 1965 and 1966 – the motherlode for every Dylan fan – to be released in November: 6-disc set premieres unreleased studio recordings – including never-before-heard songs, outtakes, rehearsal tracks, and alternate versions – from the Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde On Blonde sessions. (MOJO)

David Cronenberg Passed on True Detective Season Two Because ‘the Script Was Bad’: The poor, maligned runt that is True Detective season two just keeps getting kicked around. (Vulture)

Is it Time for a New New Deal?: Our economy is broken. Could a universal basic income, child allowances, and worker-owned cooperatives fix it? Well, none of these things would hurt the general population, would they? (The Nation)

Jeb Bush Defends Racist Name of Football Team Whose Owner Backed Him With Big Bucks: “It’s a sport, for crying out loud,” Bush said. “It’s a football team. Washington has a huge fan base—I’m missing something here, I guess.” Like the fact that Redskins owner Dan Snyder gave you $100,000 recently? You mean, like that? (Mother Jones)

HP Employees Won’t Give Carly Fiorina a Dime: Out of the thousands of people she worked with, why are only two giving Fiorina a reportable amount of cash? I suspect it might have something to do with her being an incompetent CEO, as well as an evil and shitty person. That’s just one man’s take on it, not that Fiorina is a subject exactly dripping with nuance. She just sucks no matter how you slice it. (The Daily Beast)

Bernie Sanders, Not Hillary Clinton, Deserves Union Endorsements: And it’s not like she’s exactly unworthy of union endorsements, not at all, it’s that Bernie is simply more deserving of that support. (Huffington Post)

Senate Dems call on Boehner to disband Benghazi panel: The jig is up on this. Come the fuck on. (The Hill)

Sanders Takes to Senate Floor, Condemns Price Gouging by Drug Companies: Comparing drug prices in the United States to those in other countries, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today condemned pharmaceutical companies that charge American consumers the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. “It is unacceptable that the top three pharmaceutical companies made a combined $45 billion in profits last year and spent more on sales and marketing than they did on research and development,” Sanders said in a speech on the floor of the Senate. “The United States is the only major country on earth that does not in one form or another regulate prescription drug prices and the results have been an unmitigated disaster.” (Bernie

Oregon becomes third U.S. state to allow recreational marijuana sales: Marijuana sales for recreational use began in Oregon on Thursday as it joined Washington state and Colorado in allowing the sale of a drug that remains illegal under U.S. federal law. Come on O-high-O! (Reuters)

“If I win, they’re going back”: Why Donald Trump’s threat to refugees is the key to his campaign: Now that “the Donald” has turned his sights from immigrants to refugees, we can see his warped vision of America. (Salon)

Muslim man beaten to death over rumours he had eaten beef in India: Mohammad Akhlaq was attacked by around 100 people and despite being taken to hospital, police said “his life could not be saved.” (Telegraph)

Conservatives push to ‘Fire McCarthy’ before he takes speaker’s gavel: If I didn’t already loathe California Representative Kevin McCarthy, I’d almost feel sorry for him. (On Politics)

Psychologist blinds woman with drain cleaner - because she wanted to be disabled: Not the feel good story of 2015. Or any other year. (The Mirror)

Hurricane Joaquin spawns storm memes in face of uncertain path: Making light of a dark situation. (PopSci)

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Dangerous Finds: Republican quits over sex vid; America hates GOP; HBO’s ‘Westworld’ sounds porn-y
04:08 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Indiana GOP’s House Leader resigns after texting sexually explicit video of himself cheating on wife to everyone on his “Contacts” list: Does opposing LGBTQ rights have karmic implications for conservative Republicans with a proclivity for taking videos of themselves cheating on their wives? (Salon)

Voters pick words to describe Trump: Donald Trump topped another GOP national poll released today but overall, voters seemed to have few nice things to say about the real-estate mogul. Some of the more popular descriptions of the billionaire Republican candidate were “idiot,” “jerk,” “stupid” and “dumb,” while others called him “arrogant,” “crazy” and “nuts.” Other terms used to describe Trump were “buffoon,” “clown,” “comical” and “joke.”  “Egotistical,” “narcissist” and “selfish” were other popular ways voters depicted the short-fingered vulgarian. (Politico)

Video shows dramatic water drop in California lake: A video posted on Facebook shows the dramatic water level drop at Folsom Lake, a reservoir located about 25 miles northeast of Sacramento. This is not good at all. Yikes! (USA Today)

Sexually Explicit Casting Contract for HBO’s Westworld Extras Has SAG-AFTRA Concerned: The explicit consent form asks that the performer “may be required to perform genital-to-genital touching, simulate oral sex with hand-to-genital touching, contort to form a table-like shape while being fully nude, pose on all fours while others who are fully nude ride on your back, [and] ride on someone’s back while you are both fully nude.” (Hollywood Reporter)

Safety Last: One of the most reprehensible bosses in recent history is finally facing justice: Don Blankenship will, at long last, go to trial for the death of 29 coal miners. The former CEO of Massey Energy Company faces charges of allegedly shunning coal mine safety rules, conspiring to conceal safety violations, and lying to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and shareholders. He faces 30 years in prison if convicted. This will be a trial of historic importance. I hope they throw the book at this scumbag. (Slate)

Bernie Sanders Campaign Says It’s Hit One Million Online Contributions: I’m proud to say I’m one of them. I’ve sent the Senator money twice and plan to send more. If Bernie Sanders speaks for you, you should consider sending him what you can. (Wall Street Journal)

Employees reveal what it’s like to work for super-wealthy: Ever wondered what it is like to be really rich? The second-best way to find out is probably working for a very wealthy person. (Telegraph)

Ben Carson’s open bias against Muslims a sign of coarse times: When Republican Ben Carson declared Muslims unfit to be president, he crossed a line that historians say no major White House hopeful has breached since the 1940s — openly expressing prejudice. Usually Republicans use “dog whistles” to express such things. Not anymore! (Los Angeles Times)

GOP leader accidentally tells the truth about Benghazi committee: Even die-hard GOP partisans sometimes find it difficult to justify the House Republicans’ Benghazi committee. (MSNBC)

Anti-Marijuana Politician Charged With Possession of Marijuana: You’ll never guess what happened next! (Counter Current News)

New Poll Shows Americans Really Do Hate the Republican Party: Why is it that only the Republican Party believes it represents American beliefs? Where are they getting their information that somehow this country has become dominated by right-wing Christian fanatics that want the U.S. to implement the next Christian Crusade? (Ring of Fire)

Ted Cruz is toast: It’s not just that he won’t be President — his days in the Senate are numbered, too: Rand Paul is right, Cruz’s career in the Senate is “done for.” Once he leaves, he can become a full-time grifter. Or perhaps a slimy, weasley 1940s movie villain in a fez? (Salon)

Below, the Mighty Boosh go searching for “the New Sound”...

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Dangerous Finds: ‘Superman’ sperm sprayer; U.S. war on weed continues; Breakfast cereal anarchists
01:12 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Man In ‘Superman’ Shirt Ejaculated Onto Woman Walking From Bus Stop: Police looking into possible involvement of sex offender in bodily fluid incident in Va. (Fox5 News)

They’re Like Bonnie & Clyde. But Dumber: Cops say a bank robber and his siren sidekick posted pics of themselves flashing their stolen cash on Facebook. (The Daily Beast)

Here’s What Whole Foods Offers to Laid-Off Employees: Yesterday, food theme park Whole Foods announced it is laying off 1,500 employees as part of an effort to lower prices. Those laid-off employees are being offered what has been—fairly—described as a “generous” severance. On the other hand, they could have just laid off the top five executives who’ve run Whole Foods’ stock price into the dirt and kept all of the people who do all the real work? Just a thought! (Gawker)

The Average American Worker Earns Less Today Than 40 Years Ago: It’s not just unemployment that matters. Many full-time workers take home less money, after inflation, than in decades. (Fast Company)

Bernie Sanders: Universal Healthcare and Free College Aren’t Radical Ideas, They Are ‘Human Rights’: Sanders remains unwavering in his commitment to establishing education and health care as a basic human right, not a luxury only available to the privileged. He maintains his plan could be easily funded by requiring the wealthy and the largest corporations to pay much higher taxes. He justifies this by pointing out that the wealthiest 400 Americans control more wealth than the poorest 150 million Americans, combined. (U.S. Uncut)

After NASA Announces It Found Water On Mars, Rush Limbaugh Says It’s Part Of A Climate Change Conspiracy: How incredibly dumb would you have to be to listen to this guy for HOURS every day? Filling your head with this stuff must do for your brain what eating shit for every meal would do for your body. (Media Matters)

Fox News is sinking the GOP: One network’s ratings boom is a political party’s election doom: Republicans are again embracing the bigotry of Roger Ailes. It cost them in 2012, and it will cost them in 2016. (Salon)

Police Arrested Someone For Weed Possession Every 51 Seconds In 2014: New statistics show the U.S. war on marijuana is far from over. (Huffington Post)

China’s Leadership: Brilliant or Clueless? The policies and decisions that worked so well in the boost phase of growth—what we might call the era of low-hanging fruit—do not necessarily work in the next phase, where growth has matured and all the costs that were ignored in the boost phase must now be addressed and paid. (Of Two Minds)

Alabama KKK member tells horrified British reporter Auschwitz was ‘summer camp’ for Jews: New BBC documentary follows members of the Klan as they prepare for what they say will be a race war. (The Raw Story)

For A GOP Congress In Chaos, Things Are About To Get Way, Way Worse: “November and December are going to be like Dante’s ‘Inferno’ around here,” Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) told the New York Times. (Talking Points Memo)

Americans shift away from ‘traditional’ jobs: And by “traditional” jobs, they mean jobs that have benefits, pensions, sick days and shit like that. Now we all work in the “gig economy.” (Yahoo!)

London’s New War: Hipsters Vs. Anarchists, With Breakfast Cereal as a Weapon: Anarchists targeted a café serving breakfast cereal to protest London’s gentrification. Next will come a museum. Why is protesters’ anger focused on small-scale businesses—not corporations? (The Daily Beast)

Below, Rich Fulcher in Comedy Central’s Questionable Science:

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Dangerous Finds: Carly Fiorina is a big liar; Joe Biden is horny, baby & Karl Marx is back in style
04:24 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

It is now clear that the hippies won the culture war: It is not an accident that San Francisco gave birth both to hippies and to the high tech wizardry of Silicon Valley. At times the past must be cast aside to see the future clearly. (History News Network)

Carly Fiorina stubbornly pretends fiction is fact: It’s been amazing to watch her stick to her obviously, demonstrably false story. She’s a flat-out fucking liar and she’s been caught in a whopper, but why should she cop to it? It’s not like any low information Republican voter is going to hear about it anyway, so why wouldn’t she just stick to her stupid story. look the camera straight in the eye and keep lying? (MSNBC)

It is time to get very afraid: Extremists, authoritarians now run the GOP — and no one can stop them: Boehner and McConnell weren’t conservative enough for them. Nor Eric Cantor. Right-wing purists won’t stop here. (Salon)

The Best Parts of a Very Sexual, Very Horny, Very Good Interview Joe Biden Gave in 1974: Joe Biden was a lot more careful around the press after this 1974 profile. (Washingtonian)

Bernie Sanders: “It is a rigged economy: Heads they win, tails you lose”: “Greed is destroying this country,” said Sanders to a cheering crowd of about 600 in the North Iowa Auditorium at North Iowa Area Community College. “We must take on this billionaire class and it can only be done if millions band together and demand a government that represents all of us instead of just the top 1 percent.” (Globe Gazette)

Why Are Republicans the Only Climate-Science-Denying Party in the World? Hmmmm… I’ll hazard a guess: They’re fucking idiots and have sold their souls to the devil? (New York)

Karl Marx is ‘back in fashion’, key ally of Britain’s Labour leader says: His ideas offer a definitive way to analyse the capitalist foundations of the modern Western economy. (Yahoo!)

The Daily News Layoffs and Digital Shift May Signal the Tabloid Era’s End: But what will commuters read? Oh right, their phones. (New York Times)

Whole Foods Market to cut about 1,500 jobs: Upscale supermarket chain said it would cut about 1,500 jobs, or about 1.6 percent of its workforce as it works to bring down costs. (Huffington Post)

Everybody hates Jeb: No Republican 2016 candidate is less liked by his or her party than Jeb Bush. It’s probably because he sucks. (Washington Post)

When America Was ‘Great,’ Taxes Were High, Unions Were Strong, and Government Was Big: The bygone nation Donald Trump’s supporters yearn for looks awfully liberal, at least in terms of economic policy. (The Atlantic)

John Oliver Mocks ‘Noted Swine Fellatio Enthusiast’ David Cameron: Bizarre is a kind way of describing it…”

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Dangerous Finds: ‘New Wave Hookers’; Saudi Prince’s bloody sex crime; ‘Popcorn’ dancers cut a rug
04:11 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

New Wave Hookers: The Traci Lords Film That Changed X-Rated Movies Forever: 1985’s New Wave Hookers was one of the more remarkable adult films of its day, featuring then-current “Princess of Porn” Traci Lords in a memorable opening sequence as the Devil; later, it turned out that she had made the movie when she was under the age of 18. (Night Flight)

Time to Trade in Your Jag, Benz, BMW for a Dented Econobox: Days of Rage Are Coming: The resistance will take the form of subverting the signifiers of wealth that exemplify the few who have benefited so greatly while everyone else lost ground. (Of Two Minds)

Conservatives Rush To Dance On John Boehner’s Grave: After House Speaker John Boehner announced on Friday that he would step down from his leadership role and resign from Congress at the end of October, conservatives who have long criticized him were quick to celebrate his decision to leave the House. Be careful what you wish for. (Talking Points Memo)

Jeb goes full Mitt Romney: Man of inherited wealth and power says African-Americans want “free stuff”: The “outreach” candidate takes a page from Mitt Romney to insult black voters in one of the worst possible ways. (Salon)

Carly Fiorina Makes a Lot of Stuff Up About Everything: From her time at HP to abortion and assault weapons, Fiorina has an adventurous relationship with the truth. She’s what used to be called a “liar.” (Mother Jones)

Rep. Peter King: John Boehner’s resignation is ‘victory for the crazies’: Yes, yes it is. (Newsday)

Nickelodeon is officially launching the ‘90s programming block it’s teased for years: ‘The Splat’ is coming. (Vox)

Saudi Prince Arrested in Beverly Hills Compound for Sex Assault: Bleeding woman seen screaming for help, scaling 8-ft wall. The prince was booked and released on $300,000 bail, BECAUSE OF COURSE HE WAS! I wonder if His Royal Highness will skip bail? Nah! (The Hollywood Reporter)

Kim Davis Is Now Officially a Republican: I wish this damned hillbilly dumbass would spontaneously combust. I’m sick of her lemon face, her bigotry and everything about her. (Mediaite)

The New Chinese Missile That Has the U.S. Air Force Spooked:  America has spent hundreds of billions on stealthy fighter jets to rule tomorrow’s skies. Could a new Chinese weapon negate that edge? (The Daily Beast)

Donald Trump Is Not Fit to Win the War on Christmas: Donald Trump is pandering to some social conservatives today, so naturally he brought up the nonexistent War on Christmas. There’s just one problem… (Mother Jones)

Gay rights activists give their verdict on Stonewall: ‘This film is no credit to the history it purports to portray’: Roland Emmerich’s film about the 1969 riots has been labelled an offensive whitewash by many critics and campaigners. So what do some of those who were actually there at the time make of it? (The Guardian)

Exuberant dancers groove to the Moogy sounds of Hot Butter’s “Popcorn” in 1972:

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Dangerous Finds: ‘South Park’ rapes Trump; Will Jeremy Corbyn kneel for Queen? White guys arguing
04:40 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Controversial South Park episode shows Donald Trump being raped and murdered: Show attacks tycoon’s run for President, his immigration policies and then kills him off in shocking final scene. Nicely! (DailyMail)

North Carolina restaurant urged to remove statues of snoozing Mexicans that greet customers at door: Oh man! (Raw Story)

Alex Jones: Pope’s Plan To Fight Climate Change Will Leave One Billion People Dead: “Slimebag” pontif makes conspiracy theorist want to “vomit.” (Right Wing Watch)

Trump: My Mass Deportations Will Be Done ‘Warmly And Humanely’: Well, that’s reassuring. He’ll even give each deportee a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap! (Talking Points Memo)

Jeremy Corbyn ‘has not decided’ whether to kneel in front of the Queen: Labour leader says he is making up his mind over what to do at privy counsellor ceremony as party conference approaches. I say don’t do it, dude. No fucking way. (The Guardian)

Kanye West Thinks Ben Carson Is ‘Brilliant’: Is Yeezy angling for a VP pick? (Vanity Fair)

LA to declare homelessness emergency as big cities struggle with affordable housing crisis: It’s getting ridiculous here. They have to do something. Fast. (Vox)

Scientists create virtual human using slices of dead woman’s body: The Visible Human Project scientists use cadavers to create detailed digital reconstructions of the human body. (Telegraph)

New York Jews Dumping Clinton for Sanders: A new poll shows a majority of New York Jews view Clinton as unfavorable. Biden catching up. (The Jewish News)

This towering 3D printer builds clay homes: Slow-printed adobe, without the flash. (Popular Science)

Bernie Sanders: “[The Pope] is getting to the heart of hyper-capitalism, and he’s saying: Why, as a society, are we worshiping money?”: Sanders echoes Pope Francis’ thoughts on climate change and working together as nation facing controversial issues. (MSNBC)

Republican wants to shame the poor by giving public access to welfare recipients’ addresses: Mayor Robert Macdonald of Lewiston, Maine this week called on the state General Assembly to pass a bill that would create a public registry with the personal information of any person who receives welfare benefits. (Raw Story)

Carly Fiorina attacked the physical appearance of Barbara Boxer in 2010: While she was running for Senate in 2010, Carly Fiorina attacked the physical appearance of her opponent Barbara Boxer on national television. The incident has become relevant once again, even as she criticizes rival Donald Trump for the remarks that he’s been making about her own physical appearance. (DailyNewsBin)

The Wall Street Journal gets whacked: How its Bernie Sanders hit piece completely backfired: A provocative headline claims his proposals will cost taxpayers $18 trillion. Nonsense, says a UMASS professor (Salon)

White Guy Yells at Another White Guy About ‘White F*cking Privilege’ over Stroller Incident: And yes, there’s video! “Thank you, white guy!” says one onlooker.

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Dangerous Finds: Rock guitarist ‘Lady Bo’ dead at 75; Man disembowels woman; Fiorina is a liar
07:30 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Lady Bo, the ‘Mother of Rock ‘n’ Roll,’ Dies: Groundbreaking guitarist Peggy Jones, who achieved fame as a long-running member of Bo Diddley’s band, has died at the age of 75. (Ultimate Classic Rock)

Florida man reaches inside woman and disembowels her for uttering ex’s name during sex: A Florida man was charged with murder over the weekend after he admitted that he disemboweled his girlfriend because blurted out her ex-husband’s name while they were having sex. (Raw Story)

“Piggate” Looks A Lot Like A Black Mirror Episode, And Charlie Brooker Agrees: On his Twitter account Brooker quipped “I hope White Bear doesn’t come true next.” Makes you wonder, though, what Cameron must’ve thought about The National Anthem when it originally aired knowing what he (allegedly) knows! (Huffington Post)

Why Has Labor’s Share of GDP Declined for 40 Years?: The question cuts right to the heart of the core socio-economic issues of our era: the decline of secure work and the explosive rise of wealth and income inequality. This long-term erosion of earned income and household finances does not enable “growth” that is based on rising spending and borrowing. (Of Two Minds)

U2 gig ‘gunman’ was police officer: A suspected gunman forcing a U2 concert to cancel in Stockholm on Sunday night has been identified as a police officer, Swedish media are reporting. Okay, sure, he’s a nutty cop with delusions of grandeur and a gun, but he seems to have decent taste in music, amIright? (The Local Sweden)

Scott Walker quits GOP race: Public humiliation is too good for this union busting doufus and his idiot Republican face. I hate this Charlie Brown-looking jackhole. (National Journal)

Put a Fork in Him: Jeb Bush ought to stop wasting his time and his donors money and make like Walker and drop out, too. He sucks. He’s a “low energy” no hoper. (Talking Points Memo)

Bill Clinton Warned About Hillary’s ‘Discomfort’ With Gay Rights During 2000 Senate Race: Former president discussed Hillary’s hesitance on gay rights for oral history project. But unlike Hillary, Bernie’s been there for gays since the beginning. (Free Beacon)

The Importance of Donald Trump: Far from destroying our democracy, he’s exposing all its phoniness and corruption in ways as serious as he is not. And changing it in the process. (New York)

Lying liar pants on fire: At last week’s Republican debate, Carly Fiorina described a Planned Parenthood video showing “a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking, while someone says, ‘We have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.’” There is no such video. It does not exist. And yet she’s doubling down. And she’s #2 after Trump, huh? The Republicans bench is the pits! (MSNBC)

Obama’s citizenship push stokes conservative fears: It turns out that many Republicans consider legal immigration a more immediate and existential threat to the GOP than illegal immigration.(Politico)

Coming soon, the 4K restoration of erotic Japanese animation The Belladonna of Sadness:

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Dangerous Finds: Female snake’s 2nd virgin birth; Weed-infused ‘smoked’ salmon; Morrissey quits UK?
06:02 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Catholic Congressman Snubs Pope Because Climate Change: Here’s some stupid for lunch. (Esquire)

Salmon that will get you baked: weed-infused fish the latest in cannabis cuisine: Josh Pollack put two of his favorite things together to create a bagel and lox breakfast that will get your stoned – and he’s looking at matzah ball soup next. (Guardian)

87 Deceased NFL Players Test Positive for Brain Disease: A total of 87 out of 91 former NFL players have tested positive for the brain disease at the center of the debate over concussions in football, according to new figures from the nation’s largest brain bank focused on the study of traumatic head injury. (PBS)

Apple versus Journalism: Apple just did something that has journalists scared for the future: The tech giant rolled out a new version of its mobile operating system with a very controversial new feature. (Salon)

Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army: Eric Fanning, who must still be confirmed by the Senate, has been a specialist on defense and national security issues for more than 25 years in Congress and the Pentagon. (Washington Post)

32 Years Ago Today: KISS Remove Their Makeup: What are KISS without their make-up besides fucking pointless? (Ultimate Classic Rock)

The Worst CEO: Yale professor on Carly Fiorina’s business record: She ‘destroyed half the wealth of her investors yet still earned almost $100 million.’ (Business Insider)

Snake gives birth without ANY male help. Again.: For the second time in two years, a captive snake in southeast Missouri has given birth without any interaction with a member of the opposite sex. (ABC7 Los Angeles)

Morrissey Announced That He’s Done With Performing In The UK: Hardcore Morrissey fans are putting a second black veil over their black veil, because Morrissey has announced that his next two shows in London may be his last shows in the UK for the rest of eternity. (Dlisted)

How capitalism turns love into addiction: Can something as basic as love become an addiction? Artists have always said so. Now, scientific researchers find that intense preoccupation with a love object lights up the brain with chemicals in ways that can be as compelling as shooting up. (Reuters)

As Trump Dodges Question of When US Can “Get Rid Of” Muslims, Nader Asks: What If It Had Been Jews? Good question! (Democracy Now)

Justice is Not for Sale: Bernie Sanders Unveils Ambitious Plan To End Private Prisons: Sen. Bernie Sanders is officially taking on the country’s private prison industry. By introducing a bill that would ban government contracts with private prisons, the presidential contender is quickly becoming the loudest advocate for criminal justice reform among his competitors. (Think Progress)

Below, Hillary Clinton’s new ad mocking the Republican debate:

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Dangerous Finds: The plot against Trump; Pot taxes worth more than booze taxes; Jeb the loser
05:40 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

“It’s gonna be YUGE!”

The desperate plots to destroy Donald Trump: Why the GOP establishment is struggling to make this clown irrelevant: Long assumed a flash in the pan, Donald Trump is starting to make Republican insiders sweat.  “I hope they attack me, because everybody who attacks me is doomed,” sez The Donald. (Salon)

Aggressive panhandlers on Park Avenue: One of New York City’s most well-to-do streets is not immune to the growing panhandling problem.  Business is brisk for panhandlers who zero in on drivers stopped at the lights on busy crosstown routes.  It’s almost like an unofficial toll. Serves the rich bastards right! (FOX5NY)

‘Feel the Bern’—Sanders winning over Democrats: A substantial slice of Americans are frustrated with how Democratic leadership—nearly seven years into Barack Obama’s presidency—has bumped up against the hard limits of political power, especially under a Republican-led Congress. Sanders is urging Americans to launch a “political revolution” against billionaires and elites—including his chief party rival, Hillary Clinton. (Yahoo!)

House GOP wants McConnell to go nuclear on Iran agreement: Multiple House Republicans want Senate leaders to “go nuclear” over the Obama administration’s deal with Iran now that Democrats have stymied efforts to derail the accord by conventional means. Because of course they do. (The Hill)

The Icarus Line “Enter The Void” For New Album: “All Things Under Heaven is closer to the truth than anything I have ever been involved with,“ Joe Cardamone tells MOJO. Listen to “El Sereno,” an exclusive track from the record. (MOJO)

Turning Pennies Into Billions: The Tiny Tax That Wall Street Fears A financial transaction tax (FTT) is a tiny charge placed on financial (rather than consumer) transactions. It can range from a dime to fifty cents per $1,000 exchanged. These people are lucky paper pushers. They don’t really do anything, so why should they rule the universe and get to hog all the money for themselves? (

Colorado Just Became the First State Ever to Generate More Taxes from Marijuana than Alcohol: Smart state! 4…3…2…1… GO OHIO! (The Free Thought Project)

Apple’s ad-blocking software could threaten free Internet: But Apple’s support for ad-blocking technology is ringing alarm bells on Madison Avenue, where critics warn it threatens not only the lifeblood of their business — but also the economic underpinnings of the free Internet. (New York Post)

Possible serial killer sought in New York: The NYPD is looking for a man seen on surveillance camera footage leaving the scene of two murders inside New York City hotels. The man reportedly met two women on the street on two separate occasions and brought them to different hotels. (Fox5NY)

No, Bernie Sanders is not going to bankrupt America to the tune of $18 trillion: While Sanders does want to spend significant amounts of money, almost all of it is on things we’re already paying for; he just wants to change how we pay for them. (Washington Post)

Why a resurgent, unapologetic left is on the rise globally: Let me guess? Because shit’s unfair and fucked up?  (Vox)

The Moral Challenge Bernie Sanders Brought to the House Falwell Built: ‘The current financial crisis… originated in a profound human crisis: the denial of the primacy of the human person! We have created new idols. The worship of the ancient golden calf has returned in a new and ruthless guise in the idolatry of money and the dictatorship of an impersonal economy lacking a truly human purpose.’ (Our Future)

Bush allies worry: Is Jeb tough enough? No way! He’s the fat kid to Trump’s schoolyard bully. He’s done. Finished. Put a fork in him. (Politico)

Chinese men try to sell kidney to buy new iPhone 6: The two men tried to meet up with someone that would buy the kidneys — and since, one has gone missing, according to reports. (The Independent)

More Dangerous Finds after the jump…

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Dangerous Finds: Nazis speed freaks; Computer predicts your chances of dying; Robots take your job
03:41 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Slipping far back in polls, can Jeb Bush bounce back in the next debate? I don’t see how. He came off last time like the fat kid to Trump’s schoolyard bully. Let’s just say expectations for Jeb are low. As in low energy. Jeb sucks. (Washington Post)

Narco Nazis: New Book Sheds New Light on Hitler’s Drug Use, ‘Amphetamine Blitzes’: Der Fuerhrer had his own personal Dr. Feelgood shooting him up with prescription speed, and Nazi soldiers. gobbled down amphetamines by the millions. Speed and the secret pharmacological history of Nazi Germany. (AlterNet)

DEVO’s Jerry Casale Throws 9/11-Themed Wedding Party: DEVO co-founder and his bride had a wedding cake modeled after the World Trade Center, with their images on top of each tower. Guests got real box cutters as party favors. Too soon? (TMZ)

No snow: Californian water source at 500-year low: Measured on April 1, the natural, frozen reservoir was barely five percent of the 1950-2000 average, threatening tens of millions of Californians and the state’s $50-billion agriculture sector with chronic water shortages. (Yahoo!)

Bernie Sanders Challenges Liberty University Students To See Inequality As A Moral Issue: Sanders began his speech by immediately acknowledging that he believes in marriage equality and in a woman’s right “to control her own body.” But he went on to argue that on issues like income inequality, childhood poverty, youth unemployment and access to health care, he and religious conservatives should be able to find some common ground. (Huffington Post)

Must Read: What Do You Say to a Roanoke Truther?: Trolls told Chris Hurst that his grief over losing his girlfriend in the Roanoke murders was a lie. But I’ve known him for years. Maybe, I thought, I could get them to listen. “But what if you’re wrong?” (The Daily Beast)

Computer predicts your chances of dying: ER computer assesses whether or not you’ve got a prayer before the doctor even gets to you. (BBC)

What are the REAL risks of Bioweapons research? The Pentagon accidentally mailing plague and anthrax, it turns out. (Popular Science)

Republicans are becoming the party of climate supervillains: They’ve moved beyond pure domestic policy obstruction to sabotaging international negotiations. (The Guardian)

Woman whose husband died of a heroin overdose smiles for a photo by his casket with their two young children ‘to show the reality of addiction’: Mike Settles, 26, died of a heroin overdose in Cincinnati, Ohio, September 2 (Daily Mail)

Robots are going to steal the jobs of chefs, salespeople and models, researchers say as they unveil full list of likely robot professions: 35% of all jobs eliminated within twenty years according to the authors of “The Future of Employment.” (The Independent)

Missouri mom charged after two kids found living in a cave: A 24-year-old mother is in custody Saturday after her two young children were found barefoot, dirty and living in a wooden shipping crate in an underground cave on the eastern edge of Kansas City, Missouri. (Associated Press)

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds perform a simply staggering “Stagger Lee” live at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles:

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Dangerous Finds: Shitty ‘Under the Dome’ finale; Subway jerk-off photographed; Alex Jones unhinged
01:40 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Horrified Woman Snaps Photo Of Man Masturbating On NYC Subway: Conductor ‘Rolled His Eyes Annoyed’: Rattled straphanger complained that the train conductor seemed uninterested in the problem. There’s a time and a place for everything, but I don’t think the NYC subway system should ever be used for the purpose of a “morning jack.” (CBS New York)

Forget his 9/11 truther tirades — Here are 7 of Alex Jones’ most unhinged conspiracy theories: While many Americans will spend Sept. 11 remembering the people killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, others will presumably take the occasion to revisit their preferred conspiracy theories regarding them. Instead let’s take a tour of the best/worst/most deranged “theories” of Alex Jones. (Raw Story)

Legendary experimental composer/singer Meredith Monk receives National Medal Of Arts: Meredith Monk was honored with the National Medal Of Arts by President Obama at the National Humanities Medal Ceremony today. The medal is the highest honor in the United States specifically given for achievement in the arts. (FACT)

A Carlin Home Companion’ for the hippest guy in the room: ‘He was born when the world was ready for him – he never took that for granted’ Salon talks to the legendary comedian’s daughter Kelly about her new memoir and growing up with George Carlin. (Salon)

This Is Art: James Franco Does Himself While Dressed Up As Walter White And Carrie Bradshaw: The image of James Franco doing James Franco in bad drag is stuck in the deep parts of my brain. (Dlisted)

Peter Capaldi wants David Bowie and Keith Richards to guest star in Doctor Who: Actor also reveals he is a big fan of ‘new wave music and rock and roll.’ (NME)

Scott Walker plunges in the polls in Iowa: The Wisconsin governor, once at the top in Iowa, is now badly trailing Trump, Carson and many others. THREE PERCENT! Yeah, once voters got a better look at this fucking idiot, who could possibly take this goober seriously as the leader of the free world? Funny how that works. (Politico)

Shitty Under the Dome finale marks the end of the stupidest TV series since Heroes: In the end who gives a shit about all of the unanswered questions and loose ends? This show sucked! (AV Club)

Genetically modified vegetables might end food poisoning: Producing antimicrobial proteins to kill E. coli (Popular Science)

Bernie Sanders: ‘Not Acceptable’ To Jail Young Pot Smokers And Let Big Bank CEOs Walk: He thinks it’s time to start locking up the real criminals... (Huffington Post)

Love and Death in New Orleans, a Decade After Hurricane Katrina: Ten years after the storm, there’s still a city at the mouth of the Mississippi. Just not the same one. Must-read, award-winning journalism from Charles P. Pierce. (Esquire)

Kim Davis is the new face of the religious right extremism: Angry, marginalized and increasingly desperate: As their numbers dwindle and their cultural influence wanes, Evangelicals are seizing power any way they can. (Salon)

6 GOP Candidates To Speak At Event Hosted By Conservative Who Believes Women Belong In The Kitchen: A Republican presidential nominee hasn’t won the women’s vote since 1988. While most of the candidates vying for the GOP nomination this year say they support women’s rights, a large number of them will speak at an event this weekend hosted by a group that opposes feminism, equal pay, and allowing women in combat. (Think Progress)

Below, an episode of Rich Fulcher’s Questionable Science asks “What If Sneezing Were Racist?”

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