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Dangerous Finds: Bill Cosby mean to teen Janis Ian; Michael Moore doc; Christian snake handler dies
01:51 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Bernie Sanders Builds a People’s Army: Across the country, left-wing activists and veterans of the Occupy movement are organizing for Bernie Sanders—and think the Vermont socialist can topple Hillary. (The Daily Beast)

Does “Creative Destruction” Include the State?: Everyone lauds “creative destruction” when it shreds monopolies and disrupts private enterprise “business as usual.” This raises an obvious question few dare ask: does this inevitable process of creative destruction include the state? If not, why not? Aren’t the state and the central bank the ultimate monopolies begging to be disrupted for the benefit of all? If government is inefficient and unproductive, shouldn’t it be “creatively destroyed” in the same fashion as private enterprise? The obvious answer is yes. (Charles Hugh Smith/Of Two Minds)

Regular People Are Totally Useless When Trying to Use Handguns In Self-Defense: Sorry wannabe Jack Bauers, turns out you suck at saving the day. (AlterNet)

In the Age of Trump, Will Democrats Sell Out More, Or Less? The collapse of the GOP gives the Democrats an opportunity to abandon “lesser evilism” — but they probably won’t. (Matt Taibbi/Rolling Stone)

Mathematician says Kansas voting machines need to be audited: A Wichita State University mathematician said she has seen enough odd patterns in Kansas election results that she thinks it’s time to check the accuracy of some voting machines. Election officials are making it as difficult as possible for her to get the data she needs. (KMBC Kansas City)

Why Bernie Sanders Is The Millennials’ President: Are you feelin’ the Bern? Plenty of young people are. (The Odyssey)

Trump’s presence in first GOP debate makes prep challenging for candidates: Ya think? Trump is allegedly doing ZERO prep for the debate. Why should he? He’s quite adept at calling other people “losers” and that act plays very, very well to the Republican base. No point in messing with a successful formula. (Washington Post)

Heavy Social Media Use Linked With Mental Health Issues In Teens: More than two hours of use per day can spell trouble. (Huffington Post)

Michael Moore film to attack US government’s state of ‘infinite war’: Where to Invade Next was made in secret because of surveillance concerns. The film satirizes America’s ‘constant need to have an enemy to keep the military-industrial complex alive.’ (The Guardian)

The absolute worst advice we give to Americans struggling to pay rent: In urban centers around the country, rental prices are soaring. Cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City routinely report double-digit increases that make it nearly impossible for residents to make ends meet. But moving someplace “cheaper” ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, either… (The Daily Dot)

Christian snake handler dies: Bye dummy! (The Raw Story)

The Great Paradox of the Democratic Presidential Race: There is no shortage of bold, liberal ideas from the candidates that have little chance of getting past Congress. While they compete over who can produce the ideas that most satisfy the party’s base, the proposals they are offering face a stark reality: Hardly any of them are likely to be approved by Congress, where Republicans have an almost iron-clad grip on the House of Representatives for the foreseeable future. (Bloomberg)

Janis Ian says Bill Cosby spread lesbian rumors about her as a teen, tried to blacklist her from TV: The singer/songwriter writes on Facebook that she met Cosby at a Smothers Brothers taping in the 1960s. As if you needed another reason to hate Bill Cosby, enjoy this performance by a young Janis Ian. What kind of asshole would go out of their way to be mean to this kid???

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Dangerous Finds: ‘Scott Walker smells his own poop’; Trump/Palin 2016; Neighbors From Hell
02:42 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Scott Walker’s Campaign Stop In Philly Goes Hilariously Off The Rails: Charlie Brown-like Presidential candidate visits Philadelphia, cuts line to buy a Philly cheesesteak, leaves his trash on the table and has protestors greeting him carrying signs that read “Scott Walker smells his own poop.” (TPM)

‘The video is not good’: Cincinnati braces for footage release in campus cop killing of Sam Dubose: Not exactly a city with the greatest racial relations at the best of times, riots are predicted by some. Chief Jeffrey Blackwell, of Cincinnati police said “We’re just trying to do our best to be prepared for whatever might come out of it.”(Raw Story)

Sarcasm may make you more creative: Practice with close friends only. Scientists think that sarcasm may lead to greater cognitive function because in order to understand and convey a sarcastic comment, the brain uses creative thinking. (Popular Science)

Inside Rand Paul’s downward spiral: His theory of the 2016 primary — that Republican voters would reward a candidate who promised fresh ideas and an unconventional approach — has not borne out in reality. He was once a serious contender for the White House. Now, his campaign is fighting over what went wrong. (Politico)

Trump Would ‘Love’ Sarah Palin in His Cabinet: ‘She’s a Special Person’ sez The Donald. Well, yeah, but “special” with quotes around it. (Mediaite)

Wisconsin Judges Receive Campaign Funding from Party Accused of Corruption with Scott Walker: Four Wisconsin Supreme Court judges dismissed an investigation into whether Gov. Scott Walker (R) violated election laws during his 2012 gubernatorial campaign and ordered that all evidence be destroyed. The justices who killed the investigation received campaign funds from the very same groups that Walker was suspected of coordinating with. He’s ‘the new Nixon’! (Ring of Fire)

Koch brothers summon Koch-whores Bush, Cruz, Walker, Rubio to SoCal confab: The crowded field of GOP contenders is competing aggressively for the support of uncommitted conservative mega-donors who are ready to spend about a billion bucks on the 2016 election. (Politico)

Bernie Sanders: The Vox conversation. The barnstorming socialist talks to Ezra Klein. (Vox)

After Two Years, White House Finally Responds to Snowden Pardon Petition — With a “No”: The White House on Tuesday ended two years of ignoring a hugely popular petition calling for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to be “immediately issued a full, free, and absolute pardon,” saying thanks for signing, but no. (The Intercept)

One Email That Proves Campaign Finance Laws Are A Joke: Super PACs and candidates can’t coordinate, except when they obviously do. (Huffington Post)

Dummies for Trump: Donald Trump’s surge is all about less-educated Americans: “Trump’s support is strongest with Republicans in the Midwest, conservatives across the country who do not have a college degree and (perhaps not surprisingly) those who report the most negative views of immigration ...” Flabbergasting, isn’t it? (Washington Post)

In the vein of ‘Go the Fuck to Sleep,’ here’s ‘Neighbors From Hell: An American Bedtime Story’ new from Feral House.

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Dangerous Finds: Everybody hates Republicans; I was Ronald McDonald; Virtual reality porno is here
01:52 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Santorum Walks Away From Porn-Busting Promise: The last time he ran for president, former Sen. Rick Santorum aroused Internet users by promising to take away their access to pornography. ‘I don’t even remember that position, to be very honest,’ he now says. Well, I’m sure he really meant it at the time. (US News and World Report)

Boy George: ‘This Is the World I Was Fighting for in 1984’: I saw that this article was linked off Drudge Report, which would probably explain why they closed the comments down! (Yahoo! Music)

Trump Would Lose Badly In A Third-Party Bid, But He Could Take The Republican Down, Too: What’s not to love about this? This is perhaps the greatest thing in politics to happen in our lifetime! (FiveThirtyEight)

Welfare recipient drug testing brings shocking results: In November 2009, GOP Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona announced that the state would test adults if they felt like there was a “reasonable cause” to believe they were getting high. But while the laws were designed to help save money by keeping people who might use their benefits on illegal drugs instead of bare necessities, they largely proved to be a complete waste of the state’s money. The implementation of the process cost the Arizona taxpayers millions of dollars. Over 87,000 welfare recipients were been tested: One test came up as positive which ended up saving the state only $560, according to USA Today. (AOL)

America’s Top Killing Machine: Gun deaths are poised to surpass automobile deaths in the United States this year. (The Atlantic)

Reason #1 to Vote Bernie: Sanders Does ‘Better Than Clinton’ Against GOP in Swing States: According to a July 22, 2015 Quinippiac University Poll, Hillary Clinton’s once overwhelming lead in public opinion has been cut substantially, and it’s still a long way to the February 1, 2016 Iowa Caucus. In states that will decide the 2016 presidential election, Quinippiac reports that “Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, runs as well as, or better than Clinton against Rubio, Bush and Walker.” Clinton’s lead has eroded in swing states, while Sanders’s surge has spread from Iowa and New Hampshire to other key regions. (Huffington Post)

Life sentence for woman whose hired hit man shot the wrong guy: A South Carolina woman whose teenage lover shot and killed the woman’s brother-in-law instead of her husband who was the intended target, will serve life in prison, and the teenager is expected to plead guilty, the prosecutor in the case said on Friday. (Raw Story)

The Grateful Dead’s Fare Thee Well Shows Made a Whole Bunch of Money: The surviving members of the Grateful Dead should be able to buy themselves plenty of boxes of rain following their 50th anniversary shows. According to Billboard‘s data, the five concerts raked in an incredible $52.2 million haul while drawing 361,933 people in total. (Ultimate Classic Rock)

Hear Led Zeppelin’s Upbeat ‘When the Levee Breaks’ Rough Mix: “If It Keeps On Raining” will appear on upcoming deluxe reissues of ‘Coda.’ (RollingStone)

Dennis Rodman endorses Donald Trump for president: The five-time NBA champion tweeted that the Donald “has been a great friend for many years” and added “We don’t need another politician, we need a businessman like Mr. Trump! Trump 2016” Rodman announced his support of Trump only an hour after defending World Wrestling Entertainment legend Hulk Hogan in separate tweets. Special! (Politico)

Virtual reality is the new hope of the porn industry with headsets like Oculus Rift set to go mainstream: Let’s face it, we are a red-blooded, sex-obsessed species. Behind every new technology, pornography has been hot on its heels, and the brave new world of virtual reality is right now climbing its way to a hyper-real climax. (

Poll: Republican Party approval ratings lowest in decades: Only 32% of respondents said they had a favorable opinion on the Republican Party in a new Pew Research Center poll published Thursday — the lowest number Pew has reported at any point since 1992. The party is viewed unfavorably by 60% of respondents, again the party’s worst score. Oddly, the biggest drop in GOP favorability is among actual Republicans, not Democrats or independents. (USA Today)

I was Ronald McDonald: More men have walked on the moon than been Ronald McDonald. Joe Maggard was McDonald’s mascot from 1995 to 2007. He was eighth of nine men to have done the job. But what happens after you step out of the big red shoes? Maggard says you never truly retire from being the fast-food chain’s Chief Happiness Officer. At a carnival in Las Vegas as he dons the costume again, and offers advice on healthy eating and the importance of being Ronald (Guardian Docs)

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Dangerous Finds: Republicans get TROLLED; Jeb Bush wants to end Medicare; What IS Socialism, anyway?
03:19 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

What is Socialism?: A Look at its Many Misconceptions: No word may be more used, yet less understood in colloquial political talk in the United States, than “socialism.” (The Jailhouse)

Living in Switzerland ruined me for America and its lousy work culture: “Before I moved there for almost a decade, American Reality was all I knew. I was living in a two-bedroom apartment making $30,000 a year in a job where I worked almost seven days a week with no overtime pay and received 10 days of paid time off a year. Now that I’m back, I’m angry that my own country isn’t providing more for its people.” (Vox)

Congressman Trolls Republican Hypocrisy: “Officials have an obligation to uphold rights for all Americans enshrined in the Constitution.” A Democratic congressman is using a Republican-sponsored bill that would withhold federal law enforcement funding to so-called sanctuary cities to draw attention to GOP hypocrisy. Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) on Wednesday added an amendment that calls for applying the same funding restrictions to states and municipalities refusing to abide by the Supreme Court ruling that legalizes gay marriage. Brilliant! (Huffington Post)

At Wall Street Journal, Government-Enforced Monopolies = ‘Free Market’: The Wall Street Journal ran a column complaining about efforts to pass “transparency” legislation in Massachusetts, New York and a number of other states. This legislation would require drug companies to report their profits on certain expensive drugs, as well as government funding that contributed to their development. Is it any wonder that the WSJ asked a former CEO of Glaxo Wellcome to denounce these bills? (FAIR)

Let’s stop pretending Republicans have a serious critique of the Iran deal: Did you see John Kerry’s face when he testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee? His expression said it ALL. And while we’re on the subject, exactly how many non-Fox News watchers do you reckon showed up in Times Square to protest the Iran deal. Five? Six, tops? (Washington Post)

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro: You’re “stupider than a three year old” if you believe trans people should be accepted: Personally, I strongly believe someone should punch Ben Shapiro in his stupid and highly punchable face. What a pathetic, hateful wimpy little man he is. The best part about this whole matter is how clearly he realizes what an asshole he made of himself. DOUBLE DOWN ON THE DUMB, right Ben? (Salon)

Indiana worker fired for opposing same-sex marriage files lawsuit, predictably quotes Leviticus: Summers says she is a Christian with a “sincerely held religious belief” against gay marriage. I hear Walmart is hiring. Maybe they won’t make her handle any shellfish? (WNDU NBC)

Jeb Bush pushes to ‘phase out’ Medicare: C’mon, does this guy REALLY want to be President? I mean does the former Governor of Florida—FLORIDA, people—really think he’ll gain traction by wanting to end Medicare? This is exactly what America’s elderly want! Let’s see how this “compassionate conservatism” stuff works out for ole Jeb! (MSNBC)

Bernie Sanders’ Louisiana supporters may be few, but they’re organizing quickly: Sanders will speak in New Orleans at a town hall-style meeting on July 26th, a rare appearance by a Democrat this early in the election cycle for such a Red state. The comments are kind of interesting, too. (Times-Picayune)

I Spent Thousands to Keep My Sick Cat Alive. I Don’t Think I’d Do It Again: This article isn’t easy to read, I won’t lie, but it should be read by every pet owner. (Science of Us)

GOP establishment’s dumbest idea: Boycott the debates until Trump is kicked out! Banning Donald Trump from the debates would be the absolute best thing the GOP could do… for Trump. For the rest of those losers, the idea STINKS. (Salon)

Below, Slim Twig’s latest “Slippin’ Slidin’”

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Dangerous Finds: Trump insult generator; God’s plan for Republicans; The 99% win BIG in New York
12:11 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

The bigoted elephant in the room: Donald Trump’s popularity reveals racism of Republican base. (Al Jazeera America)

Tweaking one enzyme doubles a worm’s lifespan: It could work the same way in humans. (Popular Science)

“God’s plan”: These GOP candidates claim the Almighty wants them to run: You can’t say God doesn’t have a sense of humor! (Salon)

How Exactly Did Ant-Man Make Michael Douglas Look So Young? How did the film undo 25 years of time’s cruel work? Trent Claus of Lola VFX, the company that de-aged Douglas for Marvel, can tell you. (Vulture)

Ben Carson Says Prison Is So Comfy Some People Never Want to Leave: Yeah, think of it as an enforced indoor vacation with really bad food and psychopaths. What’s not to love? (Mother Jones)

GOP’s problem isn’t Donald Trump; it’s the voters: Trump might be a deeply clownish figure, immune to facts, evidence, and good taste — but he’s not stupid. He clearly understands, as many members of the Republican Party did before bashing immigrants became a political liability, the way to the heart of a rank-and-file Republican voter. (Boston Globe)

Youngest Killers Ever Convicted In America To Be Released From Prison: The brother and sister murderers are scheduled to be released from prison in early August after spending 16 years behind bars, according to reports. (Inquisitr)

Donald Trump Insult Generator: Perhaps no presidential candidate in history has wielded the put-down quite like Donald Trump. John McCain’s a “dummy.” John Kasich is “desperate.” Rick Perry “needs new glasses.” Karl Rove is “a total loser.” Now Trump can insult you or someone you know. (TIME)

New York Acts to Mandate a $15-Hour Wage in Fast Food: The increase would represent a raise of more than 70 percent for fast-food workers earning the state’s current minimum wage of $8.75 an hour. This is a big fucking deal. (New York Times)

Swing State Polls: Bernie Just As Strong As Hillary: Democrat Hillary Clinton is trailing some potential Republican opponents in three key swing states, according to a new poll from Quinnipiac, and doing about as well against the GOP as one of her rivals for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders. Both Clinton and Sanders are losing to Walker, Rubio, and Bush in Colorado, Virginia and Iowa. (The Weekly Standard)

Rupert Murdoch Wants to Stop Donald Trump, But First He’s Got to Rein In Roger Ailes: The mounting problem Donald Trump poses to Republicans is also a mounting problem for the country’s most powerful conservative media mogul. (New York)

Below, Noel Coward performs an astonishing rendition of his “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” on American television in the mid-1950s:

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Dangerous Finds: Donald Trump on God; When Capitalism Turns to Cannibalism; ‘Witch’ beheaded
02:45 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Donald Trump and ‘the little cracker’ and ‘the little wine’: Trump on religion: Trump tells Iowa religious conservatives at the Family Leadership Summit that he’s never asked for God’s forgiveness. What do they think he is? A loser? (Rachel Maddow)

Really, it’s time to shut down the GOP: A deeply unserious party, hijacked by lunatics and Fox News, is driving us all into a ditch: “News” without truth. A base that celebrates a clown. Tear the party down and start over—for the country’s sake. (Salon)

How selective outrage over Trump is dooming the GOP: The problems of the Republican Party are in high relief. It is saddled with a loud mouth who will say anything and is getting substantial support for doing so, no matter how callous. And its selective outrage — quick response on McCain and crickets on anything else — only enhances its image as a party that couldn’t care less about anyone who isn’t white, Southern, straight or male. If the GOP’s goal is to never win the White House again, it’s off to a great start. (Washington Post)

When Capitalism Turns to Cannibalism: With authentic growth scarce, there’s no other way to reap huge profits but cannibalism. (Of Two Minds)

Governor Bobby Jindal Ransacked Louisiana: He’s one of America’s worst governors. Since taking office in 2008, Jindal has steadily driven the state into a deeper financial hole while handing off an astonishing amount of taxpayer money to already profitable corporations. In his two terms, Gov. Jindal has given $11 billion of public money in the form of taxpayer subsidies to multinational corporations – more than any other state – costing the average resident there $2,500. (Occupy)

National Review says Bernie Sanders is a national socialist: National Review writer Kevin Williamson has a hot take on Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — he’s a Nazi. Here’s a hot take on National Review writer Kevin Williamson — he’s a fucking idiot. (Vox)

Grooveshark creator found dead weeks after music streaming site shut down: Joshua Greenberg, 28, co-founded music streaming website in 2006, gaining 35m users before closing in April after copyright row with major labels. (Telegraph)

Indian Woman Beheaded For ‘Witchcraft’: Mother-of-five Moni Orang was snatched from her home by machete-carrying locals after priests accused her of casting spells. (Sky News)

Clinton to propose increasing capital gains taxes: Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton plans later this week to propose raising capital gains taxes for some investors, pivoting from a 2008 pledge not to increase the rate beyond 20%. (Yahoo!)

Democrats Plan To Introduce Sweeping LGBT Rights Bill In Congress This Week: The measure, which lawmakers plan to file in the House and Senate, would ban discrimination in seven categories — including housing, education, and public accommodations. (Buzzfeed Politics)

Study: Probability of Obese People Reaching ‘Normal’ Weight Less Than 1%: Despite the fact that the diet industry does several billion dollars worth of business in the U.S. alone each year, a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health suggests that most obese people will never achieve a “normal” weight. The annual probability of reaching a normal weight was less than 1 percent for both groups — just 1 in 210 for obese men and 1 in 124 for obese women. (CBS Local Washington)

Cost of insurance forcing many in Detroit to ‘drive dirty’: Like most Americans, the drivers of Detroit are required to carry auto insurance whenever they get behind the wheel, but many law-abiding residents can’t afford the Motor City’s highest-in-the-nation auto premiums, which top $5,000 a year in some neighborhoods.So fully half of Detroit drivers do what’s known locally as “driving dirty” — taking to the streets without any coverage. It’s practically a tradition these days. (MyWay)

This $153,000 rattlesnake bite is everything wrong with American health care:  In May of this year, a snakebit Missouri man died after refusing to seek medical care, saying he couldn’t afford the bill.(Washington Post)

“Barely Legal” voters on the 2016 candidates:

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Dangerous Finds: Porn Star Karaoke; Breitbart’s wimpy Ben Shapiro; Bernie’s crowds are the biggest
03:37 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Size Matters: Bernie Sanders Continues to Draw the Biggest Crowds of Any 2016 Candidate: Audiences have been flocking to see the progressive Vermont senator speak. Bernie’s barnstorming the red states. None of the pundits, pollsters and strategists could’ve expected this. (Bloomberg)

Porn Star Karaoke: Fully clothed and belting out songs at a strip mall: If it’s Tuesday, it must be Porn Star Karaoke night at Sardo’s Grill & Lounge in Burbank, the longtime haunt of the adult film industry. If ‘Cheers’ had a bar porn-style, that’s what Sardo’s would be. (Los Angeles Times)

Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro files assault charges against trans woman who called him ‘little man’: During a panel discussion over Caitlyn Jenner receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY’s, Shapiro referred to transgender men and women as “mentally ill.” Heh-heh… Ben Shapiro, what a wimpy, widdle punkass bitch. You can tell this incident really rattled him! In Trump-parlance: Loser! (The Raw Story)

Americans favor Supreme Court term limits: Most Americans would support imposing a term limit on the nine U.S. Supreme Court justices, who now serve for life, a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll has found. Support for the 10-year term limit proposed by the poll was bipartisan, with 66 percent saying they favored such a change while just 17 percent supported life tenure. (Yahoo!)

Nope. Trump’s Latest Outrage Will Not Sink Him One Bit: Has Donald Trump finally done it? Finally gone too far? Will Trump’s latest outrage finally sink him with his growing ranks of supporters? I very much doubt it. Let’s not forget: these are supporters who have cheered Trump as he’s called Mexicans rapists and criminals and all the rest. They don’t have delicate sensibilities. (Talking Points Memo)

AC/DC drummer arrested for more dirty deeds of unknown cheapness: Phil Rudd—the drummer for AC/DC—hasn’t had the best year. In fact, it’s been downright rotten, especially if you consider that he was charged with trying to have a former employee killed. Now his band is on tour without him and it just keeps going downhill from there. (AV Club)

Watch a Prankster Shower FIFA’s Sepp Blatter With Fake Dollar Bills: British comedian Lee Nelson, crashed the proceedings, and put a stack of fake banknotes onto the table in front of Blatter. “This is for North Korea 2026,” he shouted as he was taken away. Nelson also disrupted Kanye West’s set at Glastonbury last month. (New York)

Fake Doctor Sold Woman With Cancer Bag Of Dirt For $2,000: Told her if it was working if it burned her stomach. (CBS News)

Fox News’ coming war on Donald Trump: The Murdoch/Trump Twitter feud which could catch fire: A Rupert Murdoch tweet and WSJ editorial suggests the Murdoch empire may be about to adjust its tone on Trump. The fraught dynamic on the right just gets more and more fascinating, does it not? This is going to be the “best” election ever in the entire history of the United States of America, mark my words. You’ll notice that I keep my definition of “best” deliberately vague. (Salon)

The end of urban sprawl? Ambitious plan to fit an entire CITY inside a single ‘bee hive’ skyscraper would house 25,000 people: The 18-floor Vertical City allows the outside elements to become part of the interior, giving a sense of space. Hexagonal voids run up the side of the tower, allowing sunlight and rainwater to nourish the plant life housed inside. (Daily Mail)

Liberal activists see Bernie Sanders as champion for causes failed by Obama: Little visible support seen for Hillary Clinton at Netroots Nation convention. (Washington Post)

Scott Walker, the sweaty supercut…

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Dangerous Finds: Robots achieve self-awareness; Kitchen nightmare Amy’s Bakery shuts; Feel the Bern!
03:52 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Uh-oh, a robot just passed the self-awareness test: Roboticists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York have built a trio of robots that were put through the classic ‘wise men puzzle’ test of self-awareness - and one of them passed. Another robot is speaking in an Austrian accent and has taken up bodybuilding. (TechRadar)

400 lb Florida Man Arrested After He Urinates On His Pregnant Girlfriend: A hulking McDonald’s employee was arrested yesterday after allegedly urinating on his pregnant girlfriend during an argument in their Florida home. (The Smoking Gun)

What would an E.Coli do if it were much, much bigger? Researcher models bacteria-controlled robots. “We found that robots may indeed be able to have a working brain,” said Warren Ruder, a professor of biological systems engineering at Virginia Tech. (Popular Science)

Austerity will wreck Europe: Greece and the scary new European ultra-nationalism: “Europe, much less Germany, is not a good place to play with the social dynamite of prolonged depression.” (Salon)

Right-wing racist whack-a-mole: Confederate flag comes down, Donald Trump pops up: Take down the rebel flag and then Trump’s anti-immigration flag goes up. Such hatred is the GOP’s only strategy: Must-read essay from Rick Perlstein. Here’s a quote: “Conservatives understand that the direction of human history is not on their side—that, other things equal, civilization does tend toward more inclusion, more emancipation, more liberalism. That is the great source of their anger. And that, too, is the source of the compulsion to dress reaction in the raiment of liberation. Politically, it is the only way.” (Salon)

The Bernie Sanders Surge Is About Bernie, Not Hillary: Not everyone in the media understands that. Feel the Bern. (FiveThirtyEight)

Science Finds Even More Evidence That Anxiety Isn’t Just ‘All In Your Head’: Thank your genetics. (Huffington Post)

Here’s How Hillary Clinton Thinks Corporate Profit-Sharing Should Work: Candidate announced on Thursday the details of a corporate profit-sharing proposal, part of the slow drip of policy plans the Democratic frontrunner will unveil as part of her plan to boost middle-class incomes. (TIME)

Earl Sweatshirt on Hollywood parties, deconstructing Hermann Hesse and therapy: Once the world’s most notorious teenage rapper, the 21-year-old is back with a second full-length album – and a more mature outlook. (Guardian)

Ben Carson Set To Join Pastor Who Wants Gays Put To Death: Later this year, far-right Colorado radio host and homeschooling activist Kevin Swanson will be attempting to expand his national profile by organizing a “National Religious Liberties Conference” in Des Moines, Iowa. Dumb-dumb former brain surgeon Ben Carson will be there to lend a helping hand! (RightWing Watch)

Tuesday’s Iran deal confirms something that has been clear for a while now: Barack Obama is one of the most consequential presidents in American history — and he will be a particularly towering figure in the history of American progressivism. Obama has reestablished productive diplomacy as the central task of a progressive foreign policy, and as a viable alternative approach to dealing with countries the GOP foreign policy establishment would rather bomb. (Vox)

Five reasons why LePage’s impeachment has become more likely: Maine’s fascinatingly idiotic Tea party governor has really stepped in it this time. (Bangor Daily News)

Micro-Apartments Are Coming to the Midwest: Smaller rental units (think 300 square feet) are popping up in cities with plenty of space. (Bloomberg)

Remember Amy’s Baking Company, the most nightmarish Kitchen Nightmare of all? After two years they’ve gotten the hint and closed, but they’re blaming it on their landlord and a bad odor, not being rageaholic lunatics who made complete asses of themselves in front of millions of people. Best of all? They’re starting another company with the same name. (Phoenix Business Journal)

Bill Clinton: ‘I signed a bill that made the problem worse, and I want to admit it’ On Thursday former President disavowed a tough crime law that he signed in 1994, saying it made the problem of mass incarceration worse. Clinton made his remarks at the NAACP’s convention in Philadelphia, one day after President Obama highlighted criminal justice reform there. (The Hill)

Below, the trailer for Takashi Murakami’s feature film debut, ‘Jellyfish Eyes’:

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Dangerous Finds: End of capitalism begins; Trump: Rick Perry is ‘dumb’; Ben Carson livin’ LARGE
03:40 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

The end of capitalism has begun: Without us noticing, we are entering the postcapitalist era. At the heart of further change to come is information technology, new ways of working and the sharing economy. The old ways will take a long while to disappear, but it’s time to be utopian. (The Guardian)

Republicans back a bill that could make it legal to fire single women because they’re pregnant: A number of Republicans in the House and Senate have backed a measure that would shield employers from legal action if they act—say, fire someone—in accordance with their belief that “marriage is or should be recognized as the “union of one man and one woman.” Aren’t Republicans awesome? (Fusion)

Hillary Clinton Declines To Support A National $15 Minimum Wage: Clinton says she supports raising the national minimum wage, but adds that “what you can do in L.A. or in New York may not work in other places.” (Buzzfeed Politics)

Ben Carson Burned a Ton of Cash on Live Music and Private Jets: The conservative rockstar is spending money like one. I wonder how all of his good Christian followers feel knowing that their donations have gone towards keeping Ben and his cronies living in luxury? (Mother Jones)

Off-grid ‘Rambo’ plotted to spark violence against Ferguson protesters by gluing gun to black man’s hand: Prosecutors say the 53-year-old man made racist statements as he discussed his plans, which led to a March raid of his St. Louis home that investigators say turned up more than 20 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. (The Raw Story)

Dead Andrew Breitbart’s derpy “Low T” sidekick Ben Shapiro tries — and spectacularly fails — to humiliate trans woman Zoey Tur: “What are your genetics, sir?” “You should cut that out now,” an unshaken Tur replied, “or you’ll go home in an ambulance.” I’d pay good money to see someone beat the living shit out of Ben Shapiro. (Salon)

Donald Trump illuminates the GOP’s dark soul: You might think that the recent poll showing Trump spiking among Republicans is about Trump. It is not. It is about the GOP and its very dark soul when it comes to immigration. The rank and file didn’t much care for Trump as recently as May. It swooned this month when it discovered he’s a bigot.” (Washington Post)

There’s a simple way to end gerrymandering. Too bad Congress made it illegal: A fair system, in which the number of seats in a legislature that a party receives is proportional to the number of votes it receives, is a solved problem. But don’t even think about going there. (Vox)

Donald Trump feuds with Rick Perry, calls him dumb: How many times were Perry’s name and the word ‘dumb’ used in the same headline today? I cannot wait for debates. Trump and a bunch of “losers” and “dummies.” It’s gonna be EPIC. (Politico)

Mike Kelley’s “Little Friend” commercial:

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Dangerous Finds: Iran nuke deal brings $2 gas; Few Women Regret Abortions; Was Jesus Gay?
03:46 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Was Jesus Queer? “He broke the rules of his culture, of heteronormativity. He subverted masculinities and gender codes in his culture.” (VICE)

Facing ‘Retirement Crisis,’ Sen. Bernie Sanders Leads Charge for Social Security Expansion: On the eve of a once-in-a-decade White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA)—and in the face of what they describe as the “impending retirement savings crisis facing this nation”—a group of 70 Democratic lawmakers led by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) on Sunday called on President Barack Obama to expand Social Security benefits. (ENews Park Forest)

Iran nuclear deal: Conservatives have opposed every diplomatic breakthrough for decades: It’s what conservatives do, of course. How, you might wonder, could Barack Obama be so naive? And what a strange coincidence that his naiveté was shared by David Cameron, Angela Merkel, and François Hollande such that a completely preposterous deal could be agreed upon despite possessing holes that are both massive and invisible to everyone other than American conservative activists? (Vox)

Hardly Any Women Regret Having an Abortion, a New Study Finds: The conclusion comes after a three-year research period involving nearly 670 women of all social backgrounds. (TIME)

GOP poll: Donald Trump at 17%: Beats Paul, Huckabee, Christie, Perry, Santorum, Jindal, Fiorina, Kasich, Graham and Pataki—combined! Trump has effectively turned this into a two-man race. Looks like it’s him and Jeb(!) and… the rest of these “losers,” ain’t it? Trump himself would still lose to Hillary Clinton. (Suffolk University/USA Today poll)

$2 gas will be back after Iran nuclear deal: Expect to see prices falling right after Labor Day. By Christmas prices will be hovering around the $2 a gallon mark again. Maybe less. (CNN/Money)

The Republican Party’s secret motto: “Don’t tread on my right to tread on you”: “Small government” conservatives talk about limiting federal power — except when it comes to the stuff they want. (Salon)

Scott Walker calls minimum wage a ‘really lame’ idea from Democrats: It was not the first time that Walker called into question the need for a minimum wage. Walker previously raised the issue at last year, saying he didn’t think it “serves a purpose.” Is there ANYONE who doesn’t think this guy would do exactly what his corporate patrons would want him to do, over the will of the people, were he to be elected President? Thankfully, that’s never going to happen. (Journal-Sentinel)

‘Homosexual behavior leads to death’: Ford engineer sues for religious right to harass gay co-workers. “I was stunned to realize that I was fired over expressing my faith in a single comment,” a statement from the unemployed bigot said. (The Raw Story)

Why the Iran Deal Makes Obama’s Critics So Angry: The nuclear agreement highlights the limits of American power—something the president’s opponents won’t accept. (The Atlantic)

Dick Clark introduces the 13th Floor Elevators on ‘Where the Action Is’:

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Dangerous Finds: Texas conspiracy begins; Hackers control missiles; Kid Rock & Ted Nugent are dicks
11:47 am

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Wake Up, Sheeple! The Military Exercise That Drove Texas Insane Is Finally Here: The multi-state U.S. military training exercise dubbed “Jade Helm 15,” which has spawned myriad conspiracy theories and vexed public officials who struggled to allay the concerns of constituents, is finally here. (Talking Points Memo)

‘Kiss My Rebel Ass’: Ted Nugent and Kid Rock have teamed up to record a song in support of the Confederate flag. “When you get a text from the Nuge, you know you’ve done something right,” laughed Rock. Really, asshole? Most people would have the opposite reaction. Kid Rock, even dumber than he looks! (Ultimate Classic Rock)

Fugitive drug kingpin busted with 9 kilos of heroin: Alexander Dume-Santana, 35, was arrested Thursday afternoon after cops said they noticed him driving recklessly. When they stopped him, they said they discovered seven kilos of heroin in his vehicle. They later searched his house, where detectives discovered another two kilos of heroin, a 9 mm handgun and $340,000 cash. (Boston Herald)

In Fiery Speeches, Francis Excoriates Global Capitalism: Pope Francis does not just criticize the excesses of global capitalism. He compares them to the “dung of the devil.” He does not simply argue that systemic “greed for money” is a bad thing. He calls it a “subtle dictatorship” that “condemns and enslaves men and women.” (New York Times)

Clinton speech reaction: ‘Is that it?’: Hillary Clinton gave a big economics speech in NYC today and the snap reaction among Wall Street investors, economists and ardent financial reformers who thrill to the soak-the-rich rhetoric of Bernie Sanders was a collective: “Meh. What’s next?” (Politico)

‘Hackers’ give orders to German missile battery: German-owned Patriot missiles stationed in Turkey were briefly taken over by hackers, according to media reports on Tuesday. (The

50 Cent Files for Bankruptcy: 50 Cent has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as an individual, court papers uncovered by the Wall Street Journal indicate. Though the rapper is and has been engaged in a number of prominent business enterprises—he was said to have made at least $60 million off Coca-Cola’s 2007 purchase of Vitamin Water—a box is checked on the filing which attests that his debts are “consumer debts” that were “incurred by an individual primarily for a personal, family, or household purpose.” The form says he has both assets and debts in the $10-$50 million range. Idiot. (Slate)

Fox & Friends rips ‘Mockingbird’ sequel as ‘revisionist fiction’ for making white hero into a racist: Whoever called Steve Doocey “dumb as piss” is… absolutely 100% correct. (The Raw Story)

Another Dumb A-Hole Is Going To Not Be President, And This Time It’s Scott Walker: Compared to Donald Trump, Walker looks like Charlie Brown. Jeb Bush as Linus? When Trump can turn the entire the entire GOP slate into Peanuts characters, the Republicans have got a real problem on their hands. (Wonkette)

Strunk and White’s Macho Grammar Club: The sleek, no-frills esthetic of Modernism and the gray-flannel ’50s both influenced the utilitarian mindset that dictates the rules of usage in ‘The Elements of Style.’(The Daily Beast)

The thing Bernie Sanders says about inequality that no other candidate will touch:  America’s leaders shouldn’t worry so much about economic growth if that growth serves to enrich only the wealthiest Americans. (Washington Post)

After Laying off 175 Workers, J.Crew Exec Celebrates at a Bar, Jokes About ‘Hunger Games’: You have to wonder what Alejandro Rhett was thinking when he Instagrammed his fun night. #fuckyoulittlepeople (Alternet)

Jeb Bush’s ‘Longer Hours’ Remark Will Haunt Him: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush seems to have earned what is now a rite of passage for White House hopefuls: the out-of-context quote that will be replayed thousands of times. On Wednesday, Bush was speaking to the conservative editorial board of the New Hampshire Union Leader when he seemed to say Americans need to work harder if they want the economy to grow: “It means that people need to work longer hours.”  The comment comes the week after Bush released tax returns that show he made almost $29 million between 2007, when he left the Governor’s office, and 2013. (TIME)

Shirley Bassey brings the house down with an unbelievable rendition of “I, Who Have Nothing”:

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Dangerous Finds: Surge in LA gang violence; Robots WILL take YOUR job; Jimi & the Monkees
05:27 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

48 Years Ago: Jimi Hendrix Joins the Monkees Tour: What do you get when you cross a psychedelic guitar genius with one of the world’s bestselling pop bands? A frustrated guitarist, a disappointed band and a bewildered and confused audience. (Ultimate Classic Rock)

Mysterious Children’s Paralysis Tied to New Virus: Puzzling cases of paralysis in U.S. children over the last year have researchers searching for the cause of the illness. Now, a new study suggests that a new strain of a polio-like virus may be responsible for some of the cases. (Livescience)

Surge in L.A. violent crime ends more than a decade of declines: Gang violence up sharply. “This is bad news,” Mayor Eric Garcetti told reporters Wednesday. (Los Angeles Times)

The radical Bernie Sanders idea that could reclaim America for the 99 percent: Bernie Sanders has brought new attention to the perils of inequality. What if he could do even more? (Salon)

It’s No Myth: Robots and Artificial Intelligence Will Erase Jobs in Nearly Every Industry: Policy makers will have a big new problem to deal with: the disappearance of human jobs. Not only will there be fewer jobs for people doing manual work, the jobs of knowledge workers will also be replaced by computers. Almost every industry and profession will be impacted and this will create a new set of social problems — because most people can’t adapt to such dramatic change. (Singularity HUB)

Poll: Trump leads GOP field in North Carolina: Oh yes he does! How dare the mainstream media try to tear The Donald down. He’s doing God’s work, destroying the GOP, once and for all! (The Hill)

Wil Wheaton talks about anxiety and depression: Geek culture hero wants to help others and erase stigma around mental health issues. (Slate)

On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs: In the year 1930, John Maynard Keynes predicted that technology would have advanced sufficiently by century’s end that countries like Great Britain or the United States would achieve a 15-hour work week. There’s every reason to believe he was right. In technological terms, we are quite capable of this. And yet it didn’t happen. Instead, technology has been marshaled, if anything, to figure out ways to make us all work more. (STRIKE!)

Louisiana Justice Refuses To Obey Supreme Court, Writes Opinion Implying Gay People Rape Their Children: A routine order issued by the Louisiana Supreme Court on Tuesday transformed into a flame war among four of the court’s members, one of whom claimed that he is not obligated to follow the United States Supreme Court’s decisions. (Think Progress)

Warren, McCain introduce bill to bring back Glass-Steagall: Sens. Elizabeth Warren and John McCain are reintroducing legislation to revive the Glass-Steagall Act, which would force big banks to split their investment and commercial banking practices. Glass-Steagall was first passed in 1933 but repealed during the Clinton administration, leading many progressives to argue that it contributed to the 2008 financial collapse. (The Hill)

The Troubling Question in the French Jewish Community: Is It Time to Leave? Antisemitism on the rise sharply in France. (Vanity Fair)

Oregon Will Become Second State to Offer Free Community College: Lawmakers approve new program in last minute pre-holiday vote. (Willamette Week)

It’s official: Latinos now outnumber whites in California: The demographers agreed: at some point in 2014, Latinos would pass whites as the largest ethnic group in California. It should have happened in 2013, but birth rates slowed down. (Los Angeles Times)

White House Petition Asks Obama to Revoke the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Bill Cosby: The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest award bestowed on civilians for their contributions to society. Bill Cosby does not deserve to be on the list of distinguished recipients. (We The People)

Eric Holder, Wall Street Double Agent, Comes in From the Cold: Barack Obama’s former top cop cashes in after six years of letting banks run wild. (Rolling Stone)

We’re Old and We are F**king Angry: Haunted by Post Post-Punk. (Now That’s What I Call History)

Fox News built a f**ked-up Frankenstein, dumb, angry and divorced from facts. Now Donald Trump will devour them: Conservative media destroyed conservative politics. The right’s impossible to take seriously. Then came Trump! (Salon)

I Get Knocked Down (The Untold Story of Chumbawamba): The story you never knew, behind the song that you’ve danced to more than you care to remember. (Kickstarter)

Tennessee Ernie Ford sings “Sixteen Tons” (The Go-Go version):

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Dangerous Finds: Harry Shearer back to ‘Simpsons’; Chinese stocks plunge; Jesus found at a Walmart
12:40 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Harry Shearer—Voice of Mr. Burns, Flanders, More—Is Coming Back to ‘The Simpsons’: Excellent! (Slate)

Some people age three times faster than others, study finds: Other individuals barely age at all in almost a decade, scientists discovered. (The Independent)

Look Who’s Cutting Checks to Republicans Who Fight Climate Change: A donor has given a little bit of money to a lot of Republicans and a lot of money to support one person—Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire—to draw the whole party’s attention to her approach. (Bloomberg)

45 Years Ago: The Stooges Release Second Album, Pre-Punk Milestone ‘Fun House’: 1969, okay? All across the USA… (Ultimate Classic Rock)

Stocks Plunge as Investors Flee From All Things China: U.S.-traded Chinese stocks plunged the most in four years as the rout that’s wiped $3.2 trillion from the value of mainland equities spreads. (Bloomberg)

The Christian Terrorist Who Vowed to Kill Muslims and May Go Free: Robert Doggart was caught by the FBI planning a terror attack on New York Muslims. But a judge still isn’t sure he’s a ‘true threat.’ If this were a Muslim guy vowing to kill Christians, he would not be freed. Double standard much? (The Daily Beast)

Enter Sandman: Why have Democrats fallen in love with Bernie Sanders? Well, for one, no one is afraid of the word “socialist” anymore thanks to Fox News and Republicans neutering this once fail-safe political epithet by calling a centrist like Obama one for the past seven years. The public has become more sophisticated about the language of manufactured moral panic. (Guardian)

Posters threatening gays with death appear in Turkish capital: An Islamist group has pinned posters to walls and posts in Ankara threatening gays with death, adding to concerns over growing intolerance against homosexuals in the country. (Lebanon Daily Star)

Bernie Sanders breathes life into Democratic presidential contest: Left-wing Vermont senator is drawing huge crowds to his meetings as Democrat voters consider alternatives to Hillary Clinton. (Telegraph)

Anxiety is hereditary: Brain scans reveal anxious parents are more likely to have nervous and depressed children. Researchers studied 600 rhesus monkeys from a multi-generational family. Monkeys, like humans, can be temperamentally anxious and pass their anxiety-related genes on to the next generation. (Daily Mail)

Scott Walker Tries To Use A Back Door To Get Rid Of Wisconsin’s Living Wage Law: What’s Walker got against working people being able to eat, anyway? (Think Progress)

Man who was struck and killed by lightning ‘was carrying a selfie stick’: Vanity kills. (The Independent)

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Dangerous Finds: Why this drummer was booted from The Cramps; Everybody hates Bobby Jindal; TRUMP!
06:02 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Why this drummer was kicked out of the Cramps: “They guarded their image to the utmost degree – almost to the point where they seemed imprisoned by it .” (Critical Angst)

‘Tapers’ at the Grateful Dead Concerts Spread the Audio Sacrament: It’s the last stand of a dying breed. (The New York Times)

Your Wi-Fi Network’s Soft Underbelly: You probably don’t even think about this easy way for hackers to sneak in. (Slate)

Donald Trump gets into Twitter war with Modern Family writer—is obliterated: Trump’s idea of a “sick burn” is on the level of a Depends-wearing Breitbart commenter. (Daily Kos)

Democrats edge past the GOP in party affiliation. Does it matter? A plurality of American voters identify themselves as Independents, eschewing the two major political parties. Still, more voters are registering as Democrats than as Republicans, which could impact the 2016 presidential race. (Christian Science Monitor)

Bobby Jindal’s aides complain the governor is being excluded from Koch brothers events, CNN reports: He’s a fucking asshole, who can blame them? (

The Idiot Thug Running Maine: Maine’s ultra-conservative governor might have finally messed with the wrong people: a school for disadvantaged kids. Now, he could get impeached for it. (The Daily Beast)

Holly Woodlawn, the beloved, iconic transgender pioneer and Warhol superstar is very ill: She is undergoing investigative measures to determine exactly the nature of the lesions discovered on her brain and lungs. Holly’s has made it clear that she wants to return home, surrounded by friends and if she must die, she doesn’t want to die in a nursing home. Friends of Woodlawn hope to raise enough funds to continue her care and hopefully bring Holly home with 24 hour nursing care, after she recuperates. (Bring Holly Woodlawn Home)

Greenland’s ice is melting faster this summer under a dome of high pressure: The heat wave in Europe has hogged all the attention, with Germany and other countries setting all-time national heat records. Yet the same weather pattern that has brought the furnace-like heat to France, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland and other countries has also been kicking the Greenland ice sheet melt season into high gear after a slightly delayed start. (Mashable)

‘Bernie Sanders CAN Become President’ Has Replaced ‘I Like Him, But He Can’t Win’: Bernie Sanders has cut the former Secretary of State’s lead in New Hampshire from 38 percentage points down to just 8. (Huffington Post)

Watch The Rejected, the very first TV documentary about homosexuality. Fascinating San Francisco public television-produced time capsule film from 1961, found after being lost for decades. Features famed anthropologist Margaret Mead.

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Dangerous Finds: Jim Morrison’s X-rated ‘Peanuts’; Republicans for Bernie; ‘Sticky Fingers’ unzipped
01:41 pm

Current Events

Dangerous Finds

Sticky Fingers: Unzipped: The 40-year-old mystery of ‘who’ is really gracing the famous Warhol-designed cover of the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers LP is finally put to rest. (Radio Basecamp)

Jim Morrison’s X-rated ‘Peanuts’ cartoon for sale: “The first frame depicts Snoopy growling at Pigpen, who replies, “If you bite my balls, I’ll suck your cock.” The second frame shows Lucy pleading with Charlie Brown: “I’ll give you 15 [cents] if you’ll fuck me, Charlie Brown,” to which he replies: “Throw in your tricycle and it’s a deal, Baby.” In the third frame, Charlie Brown asks Linus, “What’s wrong kid?” to which Linus answers: “I think I got Syphilis from that whore down the street.” Snoopy gets the last word, er, sort of: “Arf, growl, ruff, bark,” to which Pigpen replies: “Cut that damn swearing out dog.” (Lelands Auction House)

Republicans for Bernie: Republicans for an avowed democratic socialist. How did that happen? (LA Progressive)

Before WIRED, there was Mondo 2000: The magazine fused counterculture and technology together into a surreal glossy magazine that first appeared on newsstands in 1989. A typical issue would cover everything from DIY micro-satellites to smart drugs to weird bands like The Residents. (WIRED)

Donald Trump: A farce to be reckoned with: The one thing Trump can accomplish is to bring the Republican campaign down to his level. A party that allows such a travesty deserves to lose. (Washington Post)

Obama badgers Scott Walker in Wisconsin: Obama employs some of the finest trolling tools imaginable. (Politico)

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, denied asylum in France: Assange is living in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden. (CBC News)

Japan’s population decline the steepest on record: Japan’s population fell 271,058 in 2014, the biggest drop on record and the sixth straight year of decline, to 126.16 million, according to the internal affairs ministry. The ministry’s population census released July 1 also showed that 25.90 percent of the population were 65 years old or older. (The Asahi Shimbun)

Bacteria ‘Fight Club’ could help find new cures for disease: New antibiotics can’t come soon enough. (Popular Science)

Entire Tenn. county clerk’s office resigns over same-sex marriage licenses: There’s something totally Darwinian about the way this whole matter is shaking out, isn’t there? Okay, quit your job then, bigoted idiots. Cut that nose right off to spite your mean face. (WKRN-ABC News)

Bernie Sanders’ $15 million fundraising haul is a really big deal: Bernie Sanders now has hard numbers — in dollars and donors — to back up the idea that he can run a serious campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. I’ve donated to him twice so far. If you believe in what he stands for, you should too. (Vox)

YouTube editing genius Vic Berger‘s “Chris Christie’s Presidential Announcement (short version)”

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