The Eve of Destruction? DM talks ‘End Times’ with Loren Coleman, America’s Unlikely Cassandra

An extravagantly open-minded wuss, I’ll probably spend Friday’s long-awaited “Mayan Apocalypse” wearing one unbroken wince of apprehension. Thank Christ I don’t have a TV – a newsflash’d probably kill me! All the same, I can see that there’s little real reason to worry. For one, we constantly read that the Mayan calendar is apparently cyclical – even NASA has emphasized this (as if they’d be quietly fueling their shuttles otherwise). And, for two, since when did everyone start giving a toss what the Mayans thought about anything anyway?

Someone who will be leaving 2012 with a reputation for foreseeing carnage, however, is Loren Coleman. As I’ve already detailed, this morbidly sagacious fellow has a penchant for fingering the future through the present, and made use of his idiosyncratic cocktail of behavioral science, synchromysticism and intuition to predict the Aurora shootings back in July. Naturally, not everyone will agree with this statement, but his prediction – the context of which made it eerily precise – seemed to defy coincidence. As such I could think of no better person to quiz on the 2012 phenomenon. It transpired that Coleman’s thoughts on it were by no means independent of current events…

Thomas McGrath: Loren, first things first, have you stocked up on canned food for the 21st?

Loren Coleman: No. I do not fear the world is going to end on Friday. I don’t have extra food, batteries, or supplies in my home. I won’t take any unusual precautions for living my life on December 21st. Fear mongers, however, including certain sensationalistic elements of the media, are whipping this up.

TM: How would you explain the tenacity of this “2012” meme? Do you think there could be some preternatural source for its potency, or does it strike you as mere hysteria?

LC:  Tucson, Aurora, Oak Creek, Sandy Hook: If it feels like the End is Near, in large part it has much to do with the fearful, the vulnerable, the suicidal-homicidal who are causing self-fulfilling End of the World prophecy events to come true. It must be awful times for those kinds of folks. Because of that, the red dawns, the bloody killing days, are all around us, and awareness is important. While we must be alert, we should not live in fear.

Psychologically, we all know we are going to die. Humans are not immortal. Sometimes an intriguing psychological process infrequently occurs around these “end of days” deadlines. People somewhat enjoy thinking they can know when they will die, when society will die, and that they will not be alone in the “final event,” because if it is global, everyone dies. It is massive parlor game gone mad.

That the latest event here in the States (on the night of Sunday, December 16th) involved a “Mayan” location, seemed beyond coincidental.

TM: It occurs to me that this 2012 phenomenon might betray the existence of an emergent religion, a sort of New Age syncretism with a number of specific traits (a mythology woven out of conspiracy theory, for example). Apocalyptic predictions and manias are a common feature of most jejune religions and religious movements. Of course they’ve all been wrong so far, though many survived the inaccuracy. Any thoughts on this?

LC: Some end of days (which even has a name, eschatology) movements have evolved into religions, mainstream today, and cults who self-destructed in the past. These include, for example, The Seventh-day Adventist Church and Jehovah’s Witnesses (who are still around); The Solar Temple and the Heaven’s Gate groups (who are less significant because their membership has been declined by mass suicides). Others like The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are eschatological too, and these Mormons (remember Mitt Romney is an elder in the Church) believe earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disasters, including school shootings, are a sign of the Second Coming.

I do not see any eschatological movements coming out of this Mayan-blamed date. Yet.

TM: You’ve alluded to certain apocalyptic/catastrophic intimations of your own in Twilight Languageposts I’ve come upon. Do you suspect we are in fact living in “end times”?

LC: No. When humans are living they think everything happening now is super-significant. It is, for them. But humans tend to be shortsighted, and forget human history more than they wish to acknowledge. Several “end times” predictions have been visited upon humans. We just weren’t alive then, so they seem less important than this one.

TM: You’ve gone on record with predictions for an Israeli strike on Iran - do those stand for the present? Care to share them with our readers?

LC: My hope, always, is that men and women who talk peace will find a path to peace. However, sabre-rattling seems more in tune with what’s happening in Iran, Israel, Syria, Egypt, and the USA in the coming months in the Middle East. An attack seems in the making, for the fear of war with an attack or two seems the next step in these warrior states sitting down to talk peace, unfortunately. Look to the Spring.

TM: Any other predictions for 2013?

LC: If 2012’s earlier theater, church, workplace, mall and school shootings in America follow the patterns of the past and continue to be predictive of the future, I feel awareness for various kinds of dangerous incidents should dictate awareness to December 21-22, 2012, and during the “red danger” period of April 14-30, 2013. I hope not, but the Newtown violence was so horrific, the copycat effect may be a contributing factor to repeat incidents, in the short term and next spring.

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If You Use Condoms, You Will Not Be Raptured
06:44 pm

Seventy year-old YouTube video maker William Tapley is a retired furniture engineer from Forestport, NY.  Tapley is the self-styled “Third Eagle of the Apocalypse” and “Co-prophet of the Endtimes.” On his Revelation Unraveled series, he has described how Obama (“The King of the South”) will be the last President of America and how he will lead the US into war against Russia; what life in the US will be like after WWIII and how much God hates masturbation, the rhythm method and condoms (Just look what happened to Onan!). Unlike most Christian prophets and televangelists of late, Tapley expressly teaches that Obama is NOT the Antichrist (but he might be a Nazi!)  and has called Jack Vam Impe and Hal Lindsey “false prophets.” He also claims that God gave him arthritis in his left shoulder as a punishment for not fasting and praying hard enough for America.

Tapley really seems to believe his arrival on the scene was preordained. Here’s what he says about his gift on his YouTube Channel:

When I asked who is the “eagle” in Revelation 8:13, He said “you are”. This really shook me, but after some research I realized there are actually four eagles. The first was St. Vincent Ferrer, an amazing miracle worker, who warned humanity in 14th century Europe about the impending breakup of Christianity (the first woe). His chief disciple was St. Bernardino of Siena, who also warned about this catastrophe. Since the eagle cries “woe, woe, woe”, I determined that I must be the third personification of this eagle and my mission from God is to warn mankind about the second woe, World War 3. After me will come a fourth eagle, the prophet Enoch, whose mission will be to preach repentance to the Gentiles and warn about the third woe, the reign of the Antichrist.

I like to refer to the four of us eagles as “three saints and a sinner”. The term “co-prophet” means that I complete the end times prophecies in the Bible. I often compare the gifts of end times prophecy and co-prophecy to the gift of speaking in tongues and interpreting tongues. These manifestations come from the Holy Spirit who always requires two people to express His gift of life and love, such as also marriage. I hope you continue to enjoy my prophecy videos and I encourage any and all comments. I try to respond to as many as I can and my only rule is that I will delete any “F” words.

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